Saturday , August 8 2020
Home / News / CDC Finds THC Products May Play Role In outbreak Of Vaping-Related Illnesses | NBC Nightly News

CDC Finds THC Products May Play Role In outbreak Of Vaping-Related Illnesses | NBC Nightly News

The CDC says 77 percent of those affected report using THC-containing products, or both THC-containing products and nicotine-containing products. An NBC News investigation founds some black market THC vaping cartridges had contaminants including vitamin E acetate, pesticides, and hydrogen cyanide.
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CDC Finds THC Products May Play Role In outbreak Of Vaping-Related Illnesses | NBC Nightly News


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  1. "THC Cartridges contain can contain cyanide!" Yeah, you know what else contains cyanide? Cherries, apricots, plums, peaches, almonds and vitamin B12.

    Using the blanket statement, "cartridges can contain cyanide" has no credible weight in anyway, whatsoever. Most of the foods we eat today contain some kind of toxic ingredient. Should we stop eating rice because it contains arsenic?

    I'll start believing once I see the actual amounts of cyanide found. Don't blindly listen to click bait titles supported solely by the word, not data, of "scientists". More importantly, buy cartridges from legitimate brands. Stay safe, everyone.

  2. Yet again, slightly vague. BLACKMARKET THC products.
    We need to be precise and clear here. This is a serious topic.

  3. Thanks for doing real journalism here.
    It's super important that ppl know the real culpruits of this "outbreak"

  4. The young teens are mixing their different flavors and substance together with the thc in their devices they vape with. Gaping shod be taken completely off the market!!!!

  5. Thanks for setting it straight! Now I can hit my vape in peace.

  6. It is about time some research was done.

  7. I’m shocked that mainstream media is reporting the truth.You could dig deeper and expose the reason why there is an actual war against ecigs by the tobacco industry.And how much money has been collected by the states since the MSA(master settlement agreement).Include data on the continuous decline of tobacco use and how that has and will effect the $$$$$ loss by the tobacco industry and the payments to the states.Look at real studies pertaining to e-cigs that have been conducted around the world.Real journalism
    in mass numbers is truly needed at this point because millions of people’s lives are at stake.India,the second largest producer and third largest tobacco exporter in the world just did a complete e-cig ban in their country because of thc black market cartridges here in the US?Follow the money.Spread the TRUTH.

  8. It is easy to make your own weed vape juice with no nasties. Loads of tutorials on YouTube.

  9. Black market cartridges is what’s killin people

  10. stupid News outlets first rush to blame ALL vape products Now they change their story!! FAKE NEWS ..never trust Drug Sponsored News ..All liars and manipulators.. WMDs 9/11 Vaccines BirdFlu Ebola Wars Trump Russia Cancer rates Guns.. bunch of nasty greedy sick people !! Dying and desperate News Media!

  11. The CDC "found" nothing.
    Sorry anti-Marijuana Lobbies —- it is not "THC" causing the health problems. If it was, hundreds of thousands would have been experiencing these issues and dying. They (we) have not. NOT EVER!

    It is whatever nasty chemicals and liquids in these vaping cartridges. The industry knows it, and scientists will be releasing public testimony confirming it is so in the very near future.

    Stop bullshitting the public!! And stop stooping so low as to abuse this serious vaping issue to just to advance your anti-Marijuana campaign!!!!!

  12. Good stuff 👍 let the truth be told

  13. I encourage every parent go drug test they kids regularly. As simple as that. Leave legal vape shops alone. They getting it from the streets anyway, and is dangerous. Know what your kids are into. THC will show positive. Stop blaming vaping.

  14. "You don't want to be smoking cyanide"- Quote of the millennium right here.

  15. At least your getting vitamin e in your system.. Screw flintsones gummies

  16. People die more from cigarettes related illness, how is vaping news?

  17. You mean drug dealers don’t really care about us. They only want our money. Say it isn’t so. Are people really getting dumber and dumber.

  18. 480,000 people die to legal cigarettes each year.

    13 people have died to illegal black market vaping this year.

    Let's not be idiots people.

  19. I can't believe it! MSM doing actual journalism!

  20. If you can legally do it, grow your own cannabis and put it in edibles. I see that as the safest alternative.

  21. I like Select, it's one they tested. I prefer Himalaya, it's a little cheaper and has great terpenoid flavors.
    Never buy children's candy flavors. They are ALL artificial and you are not a child.
    Never buy from a stranger. They want your money but they don't care what happens to you. You can die in agony and they won't lose a minute of sleep as long as they have your money.

  22. Who would have guessed it?
    Not the hundreds of thousands of people that are aware of the correlations.
    Decent news regardless.

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