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CDC Warns People To Stop Vaping After Rise In Serious Lung Disease | NBC Nightly News

At least 450 cases span 33 states and the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the cause is still a mystery. Officials think the illness may stem from chemical exposure and oil droplets
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CDC Warns People To Stop Vaping After Rise In Serious Lung Disease | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Wheres the part where they say that this was with backhouse street ejuice from a drug dealer

  2. What gets me is that they're generalizing that it's all forms of vaping and all vaping products. This is quite clearly caused by vitamin e acetate and other unknown ingredients found in cheap e-juices and oils from shady or illegal vendors. There's also a chance reputable vendors have gotten their hands on these unknown ingredients, whether to save money or just through lack of research. There definitely needs to be a massive investigation into all of this to determine who is producing this stuff so it can be cleansed from the market entirely. How can millions of people vape for over a decade and then out of the blue a rash of deaths and hospitalizations surface in a short period of time, I mean like seriously, how aren't people putting that together? Clearly they're vaping something new that they shouldn't be. Something changed in the market. There needs to be better regulation and testing of these products, plain and simple.

  3. Why is it that vaping has been around for 10 years and the only people coming down with illnesses are 16 year olds? Hmmmmmmmmmmm

  4. As if there isn’t 480,000 people dying every year from cigarettes kids and adults😒💯

  5. Why weren't we hearing about this a year ago? Vaping or just using e cigarettes have been out since at least 2011 or ealier. Why now?

  6. Click bait propaganda nonsense.

  7. this happens when you buy illegal thc carts off fake sellers and not real stuff if your gonna break the law number 1 do it responsibly

  8. Lol everyone down here in the comments in denial

  9. Gee who would have thought that inhaling vaporized etholine glycol and battery acid would be bad for you???

  10. Listen to me please. If you're under 21. Don't smoke quit now. I've been smoking 25 years and I have bad cracked teeth it hurts for years. Nerves exposed with cold and hot. Just consider that your stuck on Earth till death.

  11. Ppl comparing it to cigs bro you'll die both ways don't do either

  12. Why am i not hearing anything about stopping people from being able to make the fake thc cartridges its all over the internet and a very popular youtuber has warned people of fakes for a while. You can get the packaging on places like Ebay its sick people need to stop buying this ANYTHING can be in it this is why it needs to be legal. You have a country where these kids see or know other kids in legal states and want to do what they do because its cool Come on CDC wake up!! Fake packaging fake carts fake liquid needs to be stopped! How? I have no idea. However the fake chemical weed that was going around years back was taken swiftly out of retailers across Florida and many other States. When something that is used by the majority of the population has such unrealistic laws yes people end up going to lengths that are rather desperate!

    If cannabis was legal and we could buy it in a store this wouldn't happen

  14. This is from using illegal black market thc cartridges
    If cannabis was legal people wouldn't be dying

  15. Guys I’m gunna save y’all the trouble and do the math for you. 13.8M people vape in US. 5 related deaths so far. That’s .000036% chance of you dying from vaping… another way to look at it is for every 3 million people vaping only one person dies… more likely to die in a car accident🤷🏼‍♂️ 480,000 ppl die a happy from cigarettes(because of massive amounts of chemicals and tar from the smoke) they know most of the problems with cigarettes because of long term studies… vape hasn’t been around long enough for long term studies(north of 20 years) so just be aware that we will find out true evidence within the next 15-20 years!

  16. Mess around a buy a bad batch of meth.

  17. A lot of these big news outlets have been removing these videos because they're getting so many dislikes and people who are actually posting the truth of what actually happened. Go watch the interview where the kid admitted to buying it off the streets, and the same can be said about the others as well. Vaping has been around for 10 years, there have only been a few adults in the hospital after that time of which not a single one has died. The average age of these kids that are dying and being hospitalized and surviving is 19 and they have been vaping for less than a year, something is not adding up here.

  18. In another video, the same male who was interviewed at the hospital says he bought the e-juice off the streets off a drug dealer. Important part of the story missing here.

  19. To Repubs and Libertarians: please don't let Big Brother tell you how to live your life. Time to double down and smoke even more! That'll show 'em! Extra credit to those of you who get cancer. Show us your commitment to freedom!

  20. Well hummm scientifically the stuff they use in E-juice is a sugar and also gets broken down in your body as sugar… so my guess is dummy’s are vaping thc carts from the dark wed

  21. 480,000 people die a year from traditional cigarettes, no stories about that? No talks of banning actual cancer sticks? Of course because the government is bribed by tobacco lobbyists to not allow anything like that. They want people off of e-cigarettes to get them back on normal cigarettes. They create these smear campaigns to distract from the fact that traditional tobacco kills half a million Americans a year.

  22. 1300 people die a day from traditional cigarettes, stop fear-mongering.

  23. Lol they were dropping ecig vape

  24. Thousands die a year of cigarette smoking and the CDC does nothing.
    A few hundred people get sick and a handful die possibly from vapingand the CDC warns to stop vaping. The government has lost it's mind.

  25. Traditional 🚬 kills gradually. Vaping is like playing Russian roulette. Here Today , gone tommorow. Don't Vape !

  26. FAKE NEWS when they keep dropping (THC) which has never killed anyone. It's the CHEMICAL the DRUG COMPANIES add to a safe plant. Quit lying. Reefer Madhats

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