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CDC's new guidance on masks a 'game changer' for travel industry: Airbnb CEO

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky discusses how the lifting of mask mandates and the colonial pipeline hack are impacting the travel industry. FOX Business’ Susan Li with more. #FoxBusiness

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  1. The jabs are experimental. It is not correct to take jab in order to travel .

  2. Brian Chesky is a hysterical moron.


  4. Thousands of jab recipients are posting videos of magnets sticking to their arms at the injection site.

  5. So how are these planes going to demand a vaccine passport in Florida as it is against the law? If that happens to me I will sue and my governor should back me.

  6. The people told Fauci to shove it.

  7. Soooo….how will people prove they've been vaccinated….just one more step to cause division. Ridiculous. I'll never fly again.

  8. Give it a few weeks, the mandate will return for mask….it's amazing how all those illegals can come and go to any state without a mask, or vaccine, how celebs and politicians can travel anywhere even to other countries even before the vaccine came out, yet the rest of us had to stay in our state, stay inside. Notice how the flu, heart disease, cancer, etc has disappeared…….this covid 19 is being used to control our lives, and everyone of the Demorats here and yes even the leaders on the left in other countries are doing the same thing to the people in their countries…. the smart people are waking up and seeing the truth…..and fighting back

  9. The big lie
    Joe was elected president.

  10. So, only vaccinated people can travel? How about the others? How would they know whether I am vaccinated or not? Dangerous territory!

  11. I heard that dogecoin rate are now getting high ,

  12. Bill Maher gets covid-19, despite being fully vaccinated. Like I keep warning people being vaccinated is a guarantee of nothing.

  13. That guy makes me want to sell AirBnB stock.

  14. Travel for ONLY vaccinated people. This is good news? We must stop dividing people people in so many ways. Discrimination seems alive and well and supported by all side now. WTF

  15. Wake up America you need to stop listening to these freemasons and their evil New World order agenda you were being scammed you were being lied to and they’re using fear mongering to manipulate you into believing you have something to fear

  16. Funny how they change the game then change it back and thats a "game changer" 😂

  17. Yes to my 99.98% immune system
    No to cv propaganda & lies
    No to ineffective & useless masks
    No to untested experimental drugs
    This is Crimes Against Humanity

  18. Face diapers do not work according to a ten-page report that Anthony fauci roll according to a recent study from MIT and of course all you have to do is read the label on the side of these disposable face mask boxes!!! All this really was is a psychological operation. And if you heard the guy that keeps changing his story Anthony fauci in March he said they do not work it's a false sense of security. I only wore 100% silk scarves as my face coverings. I didn't want toxic beliefs and chemicals from these disposable masks along with their fibers going into my sinuses and my esophagus. And these face diapers that everybody is wearing leads to bacterial pneumonia. The whole thing is an absolute nightmare, but it does prevent other people from smelling your nasty halitosis if you have it or bad breath.

  19. So how will they prove you have it when your healthcare is private and protected from invasive actions by law?

  20. Goodnight for now everybody 🤗❤

  21. Screw that…
    I'm still not getting vaccinated with that Government mystery juice no matter what…

  22. Congratulations America the freemasons are so happy with your compliance to their fake pandemic and they’re wicked New World order they are trying to build say goodbye to your old way of life and welcome to the new socialist nightmare and just keep believing all the media Who are all freemasons and socialist

  23. I have never worn a mask. Just ridiculous.

  24. I live in a liberal state and have refused to wear a face condom this whole time.

  25. People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in Crypto as it's retracing….BE WISE

    Crypto is the future

  26. I fell like I’m in a nightmare that I can’t wake up from

    The whole world is in a crisis because I sleepy Biden leadership

  27. I don't give a crap what the CDC says. I travel as I please

  28. Travels recovering if you can find the fuel. Or if you can stay on a airplane without some hysterical Karen getting you thrown off

  29. Cannot depreciate the optimism and joy expressed. Impressed with the spirit amidst the insanity.

  30. The CDC is a communist organization.

  31. This is a Back Door 🚪 To Having The Green Card = Vaccine Card or Vaccine 💉 Passport


  33. Joe Biden questions a stallions horsepower

  34. I haven't worn a mask this whole time. Got covid, survived (like the other 33M here in the U.S.) Guess what that means fuckers?


  35. Tea strainer mask for a virus? Really??? Insane!

  36. Disappointing jobs numbers come out, cdc adjusts guidelines, 2022 elections are coming. It's all so obvious

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