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Celebrity author sentenced to jail in ‘Varsity Blues’ scandal l ABC News

“A Modern Girls Guide to Motherhood” author Jane Buckingham was sentenced to three weeks in jail, a year of probation and a $40,000 fine in the latest college admissions scandal sentencing.

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  1. what about polititions are they going to be investigated,funny seems like all politicians kids are super smart.But politicians are not

  2. These are the people who many look up to. What do you expect from people who have no actual morals?

  3. That on black lady got 12 years in Prison (Served 5), for falsifying an address, for her elementary age kid could go to a better school….

    These celebrities are getting off lightly for sure!

  4. And she should be required to pay full tuition to one of the kids who couldn't get in because of room that year.

  5. Judge acknowledges that the sentencing is light… but this is REAL prison time… as apposed to all those fake prisons…. normal people go to! What a joke!

  6. Stupid bitch she will need some self help now

  7. No jail time and 5 million dollar fine would be more appropriate. It costs to much to put these people behind bars.

  8. Even the sentencing that that have been granted to them is a scandal, because it's lenient sentences, they should at least get 2 to 3 years sentences and plus paying for the crime they have committed, if this was a black parent that cheated like that, it would have been all over the news, and plus they would get very harsh sentences ..unfortunately it was not black people, because they have too work hard for everything they want,

  9. This cheating game have been going on for a decade, that's why most of richer people and the celebrities children always go to the best school and get most of best degree, because of cheating, not until now that white people are a waking up, from those people that they cover up all the time..
    Even the politicians are among those who, sent their children to best school through cheating scandal,,

  10. Why aren’t they charging the kids too. They are old enough to know right from wrong

  11. I wonder what the sentence would be if those people were minorities, black Spanish, broke, poor.

  12. These prison sentences are a fuckin joke.

  13. Why are people expecting life in prison for these cheater

  14. No wonder libtards are stupid, they're reading her books

  15. At least she plead guilty 🤷‍♂️… The parents pleading NOT guilty are the one’s who will face real jail time..

  16. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! This lying cheating stealing criminal bitch gives advice to parents?! LMAO! No doubt she graduated with honors from the Trump School Of Ethics. It's off to prison now, criminal riffraff!

  17. Everyone doing jail time its whatever her name's turn to ADMIT WRONDOING as well!!!!

  18. These parents are getting off way too easy! Fancy prison is where they are going to stay in for 2-3 weeks.

  19. School doesn't test our intelligence. It tests our memory. Remember that.

  20. “Real prison time?” No…real prison time is these rich entitled crooks doing time in real prisons. Two weeks is the standard for these crimes? Fine. Then how about truly making examples out of these CRIMINALS and send them to real prisons like Attica, Clinton, Marion, Folsom. That would be real prison time. Not one of those soft, rich, assholes would last a week in any of those places.

  21. I wish she never got jail time. I don't want her in jail because its going to continue. I want the SAT and the school to be on that stand.

  22. Self help parenting guru? She needs to read her own book.

  23. So a mother who wants to put her child in a better school across town 5 years but changing test scores is only 3 weeks. White rich privilege.

  24. 50k could have sent another kid to college… Who deserved it….. Pfft

  25. Hollywood stars servin time in jail

  26. Still they are getting slaps on the wrist while I have to work my ass to get into grad school as a mother, full-time employee and caretaker of my disabled brother.

  27. If she were an average person she would be looking at prison time not jail time

  28. This whole thing is ridiculous! It's all a show. Its like watching people run the same red light over and over again. Day in, and day out. Then on Thursday June 20 the a swat team and a bunch of feds jump out of a bush and arrest every1 running the light that day. Send them all to jail. An pack up and go home so people can do all over again tomorrow and the next day, and the next.

  29. Think about who these judges are. They are in the same social circles as the people they are sentencing in this case. They see themselves in these people. Of course they are not going to give them heavy sentences.

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