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Celebs flocking to Google climate change summit in private jets, yachts

FBN’s Cheryl Casone on celebrities descending on Google’s climate change conference in Italy via private jets and mega yachts.

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  1. With as much as they are being offered to push the product $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ get a clue folks! That is what these people do! How much isSoros & other global gangsters $$$ paying to push the global empire agenda? Come on put the pieces together

  2. The soul seller summit.

  3. The crème de la crème of human parasites

  4. Our weather is F****d up, but the reason isn't what they say it is, it's what you will never hear them say, chemtrails

  5. Obama doing something for Americans?

  6. Sillywood try to intervere with every and anything. Stop giving them your monies, they are evil liberal leftists that can't support their President, but their evil dark fantasies. It is for sure no climate change, but a devils get together for Presidency change as 2020 approach. They create their own rich climate change.

  7. No one cares what these people think and how self righteous for them to even think they care or are making a difference,.Hypocritical losers.

  8. The world's most Ignorant set up to sell the biggest lie of all time, Anthropogenic CO2 driven Hysterical Climate Change !!!
    If this argument had any Scientific merit, they would not be using Celebrities to sell it, now would they ???

  9. On-line info regarding grand solar minimums to disappear in…5..4..3..2..

  10. Soon when I do a Google search on subject "climate change hoax" it'll return an otherwise blank page displaying, "Nothing to see here folks. Move along…"

  11. I heard they rowed to the summit.
    Conservatives: Suddenly, the science makes sense! I believe the experts.
    Kidding, they flew to Italy.
    Conservatives: Now it doesn't make any sense, and I'm going to go back to denial.

  12. how do you expect me to move my fleet of private jets & SUVs with this green crap

  13. Putting aside what anyone claims, 3 trillion trees have been cut down to farm animal products and their feedstuff. Cambridge University just released figures to show 1 trillion trees will convert CO2 to oxygen and save humans (the planet will save itself as it did many times in the same circumstances in history.
    I contend that the 3 trillion trees will safeguard all humankind and provide jobs for the third world.

  14. Why isnt there more news about this

  15. Worlds rich and famous
    Soon to be destitute and forgotten.

  16. do as I say not as I do. But it's fun to tell the rest of the world what they should do so their livestyles don't suffer

  17. Those supporting AGW "climate change" hypothesis do so noticing patterns and trends. (This type of "noticing" is a sign of intelligence.) Yet applying the same power of observation discipline for trends/differences in racial characteristics is hardly cojsidered intelligent. Hmmm.

  18. Why can't leftists simply prove their climate change hypothesis (e.g., by simple experiment)?

  19. Flocking of bad sheep over lenin bedsheet and unprotected.

  20. Delusional lot…dupes and profiteers of the Club of Rome, the UN, the loony communist left and the climate false data conspirators who want to see the end of prosperity through productive enterprise. 😡👎👎👎

  21. Don't we need Co2 for the o2 Plants & Trees not to be Zombies?

  22. RICKSHAW CORTEZ took a gondola
    but with ONLY ONE OAR
    she keep going in circles &
    never made it.

  23. Anthropogenic climate
    change hypothesis is a hoax;
    GSM being a temperature
    control knob is not.

  24. Are they all going to beg Google to change their search results to produce only dire warning information if the topic of "climate change" is specified?

  25. Good to get our world's dumbest and most vain and unqualified people to work on this non-issue of a shakedown's hoax.

    These the same people hand-wringing over rising water levels all the while snapping up islands in tropical locales?

  26. Here comes the “groupthink” hypocrites……..cannot think for themselves…..much easier to have someone else tell them what to think and then jump on the bandwagon and act like they know what they are talking about …..makes me want to puke !

  27. There's no climate change only chemtrails….

  28. You guys are idiots acting like you guys don't do way worse by denying climate change and taking money from the fossil fuel industry

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