Saturday , September 18 2021
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CEO creates ‘Snowflake Test’ to weed out job applicants

The Silent Partner Marketing CEO Kyle Reyes on why he created the ‘Snowflake Test.’


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  1. Someone will have to perform the housebuilding, and bricklaying of tomorrow!!!!!

  2. Who is going to replace the "BLUE-Collar"workers of yesteryear!????????!!!!!!????????

  3. Where did all of the "Backbone"-of – American blue-collar jobs go!?????????????????????

  4. The interviewer looks like a snowflake

  5. Everybody’s all for the rest until they make one for the opposite people lol

  6. Im not a snowflake. I dont support cops

  7. Biggest snowflakes – Trumpers. Can't take criticism, can't face facts, bunch a babies.

  8. There, their, and they're. Three different words, three different meanings. Drives me nuts too. 1:48

  9. Are you willing to lick police boot heels, no matter what they do, illegal or not?…. You're hired….

  10. most trump supporters do not know how or when to use there, their, they're….you, you're and your…and then call you the idiot…LOL

  11. What an annoying voice that woman has. Why does she shout all the time.

  12. This is incredible 😭👍👍

  13. Should be if they went to a 4-year college, their snowflakes

  14. This is real equality. Not brain washed entitle babies.

  15. Bc they have alot of debt for there dumb degress 😂😂

  16. The problem is most conservative would fail a snowflake test as well. There’s one group of people that would most likely pass a snowflake test, it’s libertarians. U can’t call people snowflakes when they cry over police brutality per examples, but turn around and cry when other people kneel. There’s a lot of emotions on both sides. It’s just snowflakes calling snowflakes snowflakes. Maga hats trigger liberals, any T-shirt with an insulting meme toward trump triggers conservatives. Bunch of snowflakes.

  17. Often we ask applicants to complete a basic written contact form – most can't write or hold a pen or follow basic instructions 🙁

  18. NOOOO She has a New York Rangers coffee cup! LOL

  19. I want to work for this guy

  20. Uggh, what a load of horseshit! Don't tell me there are actually people that really take this nonsense seriously? Fabricated, made up garbage!

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