Wednesday , December 2 2020
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Chaffetz says the Republicans in the house are not 'united'

Former U.S. Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) discuses the White House announcing it will not comply with the impeachment inquiry into President Trump which they call ‘unconstitutional.’

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  1. The problem here that nobody seems to point out is that if there is no impeachment vote, Republicans in the House don't have the power to subpoena, cross-examine witnesses, etc. The reason the Democrats don't want to vote is because if the vote passes, the Republicans get that power. Also, if people would read the transcripts, they would realize Trump didn't ask the Ukrainian President to investigate Biden. He asked him to assist the U.S. investigators to see to it that the corruption that has been going on in the country has been put to an end. It's amazing to me that people completely ignore key details and point out what they deem as inference.

  2. What is this guy talking about? It is the white house which prevent people to testify, not democrats.

  3. I support President Trump 100% and donate $$ on his re election. However I will not donate any $$ to the RNC because some of the Republicans are cowards such as Matt Ronmey and few others.

  4. To those who think the president didn't do anything wrong, here is the law he broke.
    52 US Code 30121. Contributions and Donations by Foriegn Nationals. Amendments
    2002-Pub. L. 107–155, §303(1), substituted "Contributions and donations by foreign nationals" for "Contributions by foreign nationals" in section catchline.
    Subsec. (a). Pub. L. 107–155, §303(2), added subsec. (a) and struck out former subsec. (a) which read as follows:
    "It shall be unlawful for a foreign national directly or through any other person to make any contribution of money or other thing of value, or to promise expressly or impliedly to make any such contribution, in connection with an election to any political office or in connection with any primary election, convention, or caucus held to select candidates for any political office; or for any person to solicit, accept, or receive any such contribution from a foreign national."

  5. What’s wrong with dobbs eyes? I hope he’s going blind.

  6. 1:50 Lou says that the pretense is "something that none of us have ever witnessed before." 1917. Russian Bolshevism. 1960s Maoist Cultural Revolution. I only have some idea why the press has been unable to say these things for 11 years since that Shepherd Fairey Socialist Realism poster of Obama became popular.

  7. 555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555556555555555y555555555555555555555555555555555555555555

  8. There are more democratz for King Trump, I'm one and millions who will vote for Trump president for 16 yrs. That will make the Sissie dems sick…..

  9. You guys are the real fake news "congrats"

  10. WARNING! This insane, out of control president is setting himself up to be in power even after he loses the 2020 election. He
    has no regard for the constitution or the rule of law. I am afraid it is time to take action to defend the republic and rid the country of this monster

  11. Lou Dobbs now that is a real creepy person can anybody see the hand in his back

  12. Is it me, or does Lou Dobbs look as though he's 'washed up'? As I've said previously, I used to respect him back in the day, back when he was an 'Independent'.
    And I used to respect Rep. Chaffetz, but he also is starting to sound like the 'Trump Media Machine'.

  13. Radical Democratic Party? Show me the evidence

  14. Lou, such a potty mouthed on national tv. Chaffetz, they failed because the wimpy republicans are chicken to do the right thing!

  15. Democrats in 4 years of Trump :

    1. Pushed for impeachment right from the start.
    2. Was/is against border wall. 3. Provided sanctuaries.
    4. Supported illegal immigrants.
    5. Attacks Israel.
    6. Remarks that WTC 11 attack was done by somebody.
    7. Etc etc

    It’s astonishing to see how their very anti America agendas are not making enough impact interms of dragging them to the courts.

    Despite of all these happenings they are not being held accountable!

    So my question is, have Americans gone stupid?

    Time is coming soon when the Democrats are really going to lose the presidential election, the senate and the congress.

    Just watch.

    The public support is gaining real strength!

  16. Lou! The Funeral Director did a GREAT Job! Tell me…what MORGUE do you go to?

  17. It’s night and day when i switch between right and left media. And makes me question my main choices, but it’s very interesting to see the facts left out of the spin.

  18. Fellow republicans! Impeachment is near. Run 🏃‍♀️ for the hills where we belong. Pray for Trump. 🙏🏻 God Bless America 🇺🇸

  19. This is not trump charges, disk use my Pondens, the Trojan horse is in the house, the White House, the Russians have their boy, 2016, Russia participates, in our election, now he wants someone to investigate, his democratic appointment, Trump is going back to his, mafia days,, It seems like I’m watching, the mafia in the house. In the White House., This was a man that I was going to vote for. Wow what a mistake I would’ve made.

  20. Trump can and has been a jerk in his lifetime, but he has done a lot for the citizens of this country. The democrats in congress could not care less right now about what is good for the country. All they care about is a personal vendetta.

  21. If the call was so PERFECT why are you HIDING WITNESS?

  22. Looks like Lou Dobbs is using the same brand of orange self tanner Trump uses. He's got ath Jack-o-lantern face with the rosy pink eye sockets. Nasty looking old filthy pig.

  23. Lou Dobbs is the mouthpiece for the Republican Mafia. "It's a really nice country, it would be a shame if something happened to it." LOL The sad thing is that people like my 84 year old father believe the lies coming out of Fox Business to the point they live angry lives for no reason. This channel is only good for inciting riots and dividing this great country.

  24. "One hundred Republicans sitting on the sidelines." !!!!! Apparently, we can't trust republicans anymore except the 77… and who doesn't wish Trey Gowdy was back taking names and kicking the lying scoundrels to the ditch. Jason Chaffetz is a true patriot.

  25. Lock him up! Lock him up!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  26. Let's look at the big picture.

    How much both side flat out lie to us

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