Chanderpaul Jnr smashes Cummins for a huge six #PlayOfTheDay


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  1. Was watching for Chanderpaul. Very promising start to his career against the mighty aussies in their den 👏

  2. Thought he was shiv untill read

  3. revenge after being hit by bouncers

  4. Same action & stance like his dad

  5. This is Australian cricket board, appreciate every one

  6. Looking entertaining so far🏏

  7. Only thing missing is… Flags under his eyes… Rest all same as his dad👍👍👍

  8. Like Father like son

  9. He should be in odi squad for wi

  10. Same to same chanderpaul ..gud one for west indies cricket

  11. I hope this young man follows the footsteps of his father, going great hope he'll bring some joy in the WI cricket

  12. He have some strange batting stance like S Chanderpaul 🤔

  13. Young Tiger at his work already, Go young tiger.

  14. I can see Chanderpaul 😅😅 too same . Good talent .

  15. I like his temperament. Very composed. Just like his dad. Our best find in recent times…

  16. Hope He'll play like his father.

  17. He was out on 4 but umpire gave him a life as usual. Such a cruel game for bowlers.

  18. Shiv must be proud. Superb debut so far (both with the bat and in the field)

  19. Lol.. Why they don't give Cam Green, a only over in his home ground?

  20. Brilliant debut young man