Wednesday , September 30 2020
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Charles Payne: It’s time to have this in your portfolio

Bain & Company’s Macro Trends Group managing director Karen Harris and Stifel CIO Michael O’Keefe discuss how artificial intelligence is impacting employment, investing and more.

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  1. A machine performs the task per it's preloaded programming commands and also make it function with added uploads of command's from the server which the administrator keeps monitoring the machine work in progress and it's task's in a graphical interface. It's a human intelligence hacked by a humanoid creature the hyBREED.

    Google mother it's genesis babies keep plotting their graphs on two axis board and working on various axis position's under computer numerical programming languages 😛🤑.

  2. AI impact's business and employment.
    AI makes good business in densely population countries like Chinese country and Asia India country are densely populated and always occupied houses, rooms with condo's. Their video streaming business and virtual game's making non-taxable income which is illegal. The ITU must make all payments taxable and recorded transactions from payer to the payee.

  3. Where’s Asimo from 2002 kids time magazine

  4. Did she just said 25% of the jobs will be lost to AI?!!
    And the year that AI will take 25% of our jobs, the population will double!

    Schools are still training kids on jobs that AI will steal it from them.

    Things are not looking good.

    If there is no job there is no spending.
    If there is no spending the big companies will go bankrupt.
    The big companies will out compete the small businesses and there will be more losses of jobs and less spending.

    I fear for the future of my kids.

    On top of that the US debt is $20T; And the whole world is in debt also.

    So no later the Over populated hungry world will be a threat to the elite… I don't need to say more.

    No wonder they're trying to take away our guns and put cameras everywhere so they can control everything when the time comes.

  5. "Seeing this type of behavior was both educating and jarring to the burgeoning Steady State. It was a visceral lesson that we weren't just appointees of the president. We were glorified government babysitters." -excerpt from "A Warning" by Anonymous

  6. Where’s the coworker Payne was banging?

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