Charles Payne: This may come back to haunt one GOP candidate

FOX Business host Charles Payne and District Media Group President Beverly Hallberg react to the second GOP primary debate on ‘Making Money.’

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  1. Trump is like bitcoin and viscerally 😂

  2. Yes, TikTok is controversial but until it is banned completely, are you going to let your competitors recruit those young voters that are on it and no other platforms? Vivek had the right idea to use it, with precautions, until you can ban it. Apparently, Nikki’s daughter is on making dance videos but she forgot to mention that part.

  3. Parino was the biggest loser….

  4. Vivek wanted to discuss policies but yet all were talking nonsense towards him.
    Vivek American first movement is 👍👍👍
    Vivek 2025👍👍👌

  5. That NEEDLE is pointing straight down the TOILET BOWL!!


  7. This is all just background noise. If Trump doesn't win by an overwhelming landslide, these Democrat, third world tactics will continue to get worse. I, personally, am not real keen about Trump, but he is clearly leading the fight to preserve this country. Republicans need to uncharacteristically unify to stop the woke mob.

  8. so talking low blows against candidates for nikki haley is bad but if Trump talks low blows it is good for him. wtf is going on here

  9. christie and burgum are gone next debate (if theres one ) should be down to 3 or 4 max

  10. Charles Payne is good, but most of these Fox videos are like KaMaLa talking to first graders

  11. A $32,000 profit sent to my portfolio each week, Mrs Elizabeth Ann graney is amazing

  12. 💚🙏 clever display of perspective

  13. When you realise how good Haley is to be able to lie off the cuff, you will realise how dangerous she is.

  14. You cant fix broke and the whole debater crew is broke.

  15. DeSantis is going to win. Trump is propped up by democrats Reverse Pschology psyop but he will also end up in prison if he loses, he must bow out…

  16. Vivek insults peoples intelligence every time he speaks…

  17. I saw a body language expert saying that desantis kept nodding his head like a pigeon 🤣

  18. I wouldn’t want any of them as VP either. There are at least 5 other Republican leaders I would pick. Gov. Sanders, Senator Kennedy, Rep. Mike Johnson, Gov. Noem and Mike Pompeo would all be better. Can I get an Amen.


  20. Konsultants bring krofessionalism to korporations.

  21. President Trump 2024🎉
    My vote is Trump President and DeSantis VP

  22. I didn't watch it..Trump has already done it..he'll do it again !! These candidates are wasting their time.

  23. I'm a South Carolina native. I've voted in seven presidential elections. I don't know ANYone who plans to vote for Nikki Haley.

  24. I liked Burgum. Good call

  25. When Trump goes to jail we'll be left with a clown posse.

  26. GOP will lose if they can't get 18 plus votes. Don't hate the player, hate the game. Meanwhile Tiktok running ads on fox business, weird. Nikki has such double standards, her daughter is posting content on Tiktok. Meanwhile Google, apple and all us companies selling you out in the side

  27. Hey Charles, Nikki Haley's daughter is super popular on tic toc. Do you think it's hypocritical to preach on it's dangers when her daughter monetizes on it?

  28. Well said Charles Payne 💯%.👍

  29. I rate GOP debate, DeSantis and Vivek hold and the rest Strong Sell.

  30. They all are phonies, they all need to step down