Sunday , April 18 2021
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Charlie Wilson reveals connection to Tulsa massacre | ABC News

The Grammy nominated artist speaks about his connection to one of the worst racial attacks in America’s history.

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  1. Guys Ya know the amount of Love Jesus has for you is Unimaginable So just accept him as your Lord and Savior so we will a meet him in heaven.

    Like so more people can see this :^D

  2. I learned at a early age don't take about being native American and don't talk about the what you hear or see in S.Dak. pow wows and any kind of gathering of native was against the law. Pow wows were illegally held in 1960"s and 1970's and was considered a federal criminal for dancing to honor God,family and the nation that turned it's back on them. Native American men were dying in a place called Vietnam,
    Denied the proper a way of mourning .

  3. I saw the documentary concerning this horrific event that happened in Tulsa. I am glad that those people featured had the courage and the chance to speak on it. It was thought provoking and educational. It is vital that we as people know about our own black history. So many tragic events occurred among us and I am glad that we can tell from our point of view. Thank you for sharing, Charlie Wilson. ♥️♥️♥️👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

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  5. 100 years ago? Get over it, y'all were not even a live, stop using it as a political tool.

  6. Truth is stranger than fiction. “They tried to bury us, but didn’t know we were seeds.”

  7. Charlie Wilson is the hardest working man in the music industry. And the flyest dresser.

  8. lucky he aint looting….

  9. Makes you wonder why Trump chose this specific city to hold one of his rally’s last year knowing it’s dark history, especially when it was originally scheduled on a day for honoring the people who died.

  10. PINK people are all the same as yesterday, today, and forever. They will never change

  11. Racist person sees title: Dislikes video instantly😒

  12. I visited the memorial a few years back. All praises to Allah to the Black Angels that was massacred that day in 1921

  13. So called Christians btw

  14. What was this Wall Street in Oklahoma trading in cattle? It's not a port city like NY or a manufacturing hub like Detroit. Where did this wealth come from. I mean last Vegas has casinos that created wealth you would need an industry to create this wealth

  15. I saw documentary on it and I was traumatized FR

  16. This guy isn't related to this at all really. Happened in 1921, 100 years ago. This guy would minimum be 100 years old.

  17. 🎵 You Dropped A 💣 On Me ! 🎵

  18. Trumpets: "tHe pAsT Is tHe pAsT, We dOn't dO ThAt…… anYmoRe"

  19. Tulsa massacre. B A S E D

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