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Charlotte girl's speech on race gets standing ovation

Zianna Oliphant, a young girl who could barely reach the podium, wept as she scolded city leadership.

“We are black people and we shouldn’t have to feel like this, we shouldn’t have to protest but y’all are treating us wrong,” she said. “We do this because we need to and we have rights.”

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  1. I'm confused as to why there seems to be some underlying narrative around this video, and the comments, that white people somehow have an answer to these questions, because…. they don't.

    I'm pretty sure that she's crying profusely (and rightfully so!) because she doesn't understand, along with the rest of us, why she is part of a community of mothers and fathers who kill each other's mothers and fathers to a degree that is, literally, incomprehensible to every other community of people in the nation. If she is, indeed, thinking that white people are the reason for the inexplicable amount of arbitrary killing in black communities, then, whats more tear-worthy is the fact that she is surrounded by people who are lying to her.

    Don't teach her that she should be asking whites, or any other ethnicity, for an answer to her questions, because it's wrong to imply that, and we don't understand it either. It truly is absolutely heartbreaking, as she so strongly shows. Every community is praying that it comes to an end!

  2. Why did racism start can someone please tell me, I just want to know why my kind is seen as the lower species of human, can I atleast have an explanation of how it started, People reading this?

  3. "peacefully protest"

    Why are you killing and looting.shebtalks about her parents…yeah they made decisions to do bad things.dont stay coached or blinded to this false ideology that everyone is out to get you.
    Brainwashing is a dangerous thing

  4. Oh god it’s the truth we need to love everyone and it’s sad that people are now getting woke

  5. Noooo… ppl treat each other worse than any other race. Somebody programmed this girl to feel this way….

  6. That’s right

  7. It was halloween when it all happend,you see..

    I was at school,it was and my friends we're talking about what we would dress up as on halloween (we were only 7 sitting at that table) we we're talking..this one girl said ''Oh! eden! you shoud be a tiger,you're eyes are pretty! it suits you perfectly'' and i said ''really? :D'' and she said ''yeah,you dont even have to paint yourself,you're already B.L.A.C.K''.The others looked at her in confusion.I sat there speechless..i didnt know what to say..:-0

  8. Don't
    care about other people's words just know that God is always with and buy your side so do not cry and put a smile on your face

  9. The two white women in the back start crying and applauding but their ancestors owned slaves in the 1600s

  10. That white girl in the back was crying😭💕

  11. i’m only here bc of the joey badass song..

  12. The West will become rhodesia 2.0. These people will not stop until all Whites are dead.

  13. There goes the neighborhood

  14. Yes, you are treated differently because you behave differently. Actually, your behavior is shit.

  15. Most blacks are killed by other blacks but yall need to treat us better. lol ok

  16. Black people are responsible for their own woes. No one else. The problem is within the black community. This garbage just propagates their eternal victim complex.

  17. This is ridiculous! A black cop shot a black guy with a gun who didn't follow orders. How is this about race? This whole case, the outrage and basically all the comments are retarded.


  19. lol the feel when your retarded enough to commit crime, but expect not to go to jail.

  20. Ok so what is she asking for? Money or something?

  21. Refering to the USA, of the homicides where the murderer was known, 89-90% of black homicide victims were killed by blacks. Of the 13,455 cases from last year in which the FBI listed a victim's racial information, 7,039 victims – or 52.3 percent – were black. Black people have consistently accounted for more than 50 percent of those killed overall every year since 2010. This is despite blacks being only 13% of the population.
    A good article comparing black crime with the rest of USA inhabitants, is this one:
    This article shows that blacks are far more likely to commit crime, especially violent crime than the rest of the population. There is very little racial bias in sentencing.
    If incarceration rates are looked at it has been shown (see Wiki) that the incarceration rate of black males was over six times higher than that of white males.
    USA blacks are not all of pure African heritage, if they were that would make them worse. That's why blacks don't migrate back to Africa. It's much safer in a majority white country.
    The more intelligent blacks hope that whites start having more babies because the larger the proportion of blacks and hispanics in the USA, the more violent and unsafe the country will be.

  22. what is 13% but is responsible for 53%…

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