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Chauvin trial focuses on George Floyd's drug use and police restraint

Nine days in, Derek Chauvin’s trial focuses in on George Floyd’s past drug use and restraint tactics used by Minneapolis police.


The prosecution of Derek Chauvin in George Floyd’s death has focused not only on its arguments that the former police officer is culpable but a more elementary issue: That he failed to carry out his duty to provide basic care when Floyd was in medical distress and became unresponsive.

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  1. The cop killed him I meant and fetinal only takes 5 min to kill someone that's how powerful it is

  2. Killing someone on camera, big problem.

  3. If he gets off, I wonder what type of job he is going to go for and where is he going to live?.

  4. Another druggie overdose

  5. This woman was meant to be there that day! Although she wasn’t able to assist Floyd, her firsthand recount sheds much needed light on the CORRUPTION of LE!!

  6. It’s called causation. And it’s the defense’s job to uncover it.💯

  7. Well even if he was on drugs let's say George floyd was white and all this was recorded, on the news, and ended in death but the officers where Black, Mexican and Chinese. Eventhough the white guy admits he was a addict or a functioning addict. Would there be this much chaos or perplexity to the narrative in this case or would it be open and shut? I'm not racist but if it happens to a white man the government would put new laws in place the next day to make sure that all involved would be put in front of a firing squad on nationwide television! Correct me if I'm wrong on this one. Cause in this case I can only imagine how many "people" this officer has killed off camera out of a watchful eye. His confidence after the death was too strong to be his first time sorry not sorry.

  8. When u smoke crack then a cop blows your head off with a shotgun… well I mean idk crack could really destroy ones health and we gotta consider how that played into this

  9. I ate so many drugs I'm still high 10 months later

  10. Lol he wouldnt say he ATE drugs lol no one says that they eat drugs when referring to using them come on

  11. This thug Floyd died from massive drug overdoses. What a terrible loss to the law abiding community. And what is the taxpayer cost of this useless trial?
    Another travesty of justice.
    These thugs cost the entire community way too much.

  12. Cops are only allowed to use this sort of force if they fear for their lives, are you saying theyre scared of someone oding on drugs in front of them? I thought oigs wanted to be heroes this is their chance to save a life and theyre scared. Oh wait they wanted to fuckin murder him well makes sense.

  13. I don't know what the outcome will be but the liberal media is making it seem like it's a slam dunk for the prosecution but watching it I think he's going to be found innocent. When innocent people die in the riots that follow their to blame.

  14. I heard George Floyd say . I ate too many drugs. Forensics also detected 3.5 times the amount of lethal fentanyl in Floyd's body. Passenger in the car pleaded the fifth. Because he sold the drugs to Floyd. And didn't want to get accessory to murder charge. Do some research.

  15. The news really needs to do a better job of calling both wins and losses of the defense/prosecution.

    It's a huge point of contention that fuels disregard for inquiry. Such as "The police force didn't teach this method"- doesn't at all illustrate that police do not rely solely on lessons and tactics taught within precincts.

  16. Ok so i dont understand how this helps him. He told them he took drugs and that man still kneeled on him and would not get up even after he was clearly in distress. And then stayed there after he stopped moving. That man froze in that situation. What cop in their right mind would put their knee on a man's neck like that for almost ten minutes in front of civilians recording? That man should not be a police officer. Cops will tell you that. Defending him is just foolishness

  17. Opioid addiction? Sounds like he liked a speed ball!

  18. You know this guy may be not guilty in a court of law but these police officers go through less training then it take to become a hairstylist then it takes to become a bartender then it takes to become almost anything in this country and that's pretty astonishing. Again he may be not guilty but this country and its police officer is guilty of not training their police officers better and communication and the way they handle people they always demand respect but they don't give it and in order to lessen the attitudes of people who are having a bad day when they interact with a police officer in general they need to be more trained in communication this is ridiculous

  19. The police tend to treat you a little different when your a life long criminal

  20. The defense’s only hope is to have a biased juror that will disbelieve his lying eyes and ignore the murder.

  21. There is no way he OD on suboxone….

  22. On drugs during arrest… it was the drugs that killed him. Almost nine minutes on his neck…. nah that couldn’t be it.

  23. He sold drugs by the corner store and then he bought even more drugs by the sea shore …. how many places did he buy drugs from….. I wonder if Joe Biden could figure out this trick question 🙂

  24. So… He drove to the store. Parked and crossed a busy street. Entered the store. Interacted with other customers AND employees. Has a COHERENT conversation. Wasn't stumbling or slurring. Paid for the items he wanted (Yes it was a fake bill, BUT a fake bill only gets you a ticket). Returned to the car. When the employees confronted him, he stayed there, didn't flee. The cops came and removed him from the car, hand cuffed him, walked him across the street and tried to get him in the patrol car. He gets pulled out, placed in an ILLEAGAL HOLD that ended his life. NOTE a few things… If he took a lethal amount of drugs, he would have died way before the cops showed up. One cop leaning heavy on his neck AND back. Two other cops ALSO holding him down. In the video, within 3 to 4 minutes he was unresponsive. They continued to hold him down even as he laid there unresponsive for quite a few minutes longer. No weapon… Cops were never hit by him… Coroner found only TRACE amounts of drugs in him… He didn't swallow pills at the last minute to try and hide evidence (TRACE AMOUNTS IN HIS SYSTEM) George Floyd was killed by a police officer that continued to apply an illegal hold. Even when his fellow officers asked him if he should roll him on his side since he was already handcuffed and no longer resisting (POLICE POLICY), he said NO!

  25. Liar. The witness testified to no such thing. He testified that although he taught no such thing to Chauvin, the officer was well entitled to use this technique based on the situation and had the authority to do so.

    The physical evidence completely exonerates Chauvin. He did not leave so much as a boo boo on Floyd. Floyd was killed by a massive overdose of meth and fentanyl.

    The reason Chauvin has Floyds head pinned to the ground is because drug addicts routine smash their skulls against the street and he is preventing that. He is only leaning about 10% of his weight.

    This technique is used by every hospital, police department and mental health facility in the world.

    The reporter for USA today is committing a serious crime, incitement to riot. By lying, she is trying to convince others to commit murder and mayhem.

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