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Cheerleader surprises everyone with prom pick

Kenzi Miller could have gone to prom with anyone. The popular cheerleader surprised her friends with her pick for her date. He was even more surprised by her rocking promposal.


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The end of the school year in North Texas circles around the all important night of prom for a lot of high school students.

But one senior at Keller’s Central High School has set the bar especially high in 2016.

Kenzi Miller, 18, spent the past few weeks organizing a promposal for a longtime friend who caught some of her other friends off guard.

“They’re not trying to be rude,” Miller said. “They just say, ‘You want to take him to your senior prom?’ And I say, ‘Why not?'”

That “him” is 18-year-old Cameron Biagiotti.

He has Williams Syndrome, a rare condition that impacts cardiovascular health and slows development.

None of that bothers Miller, who struck up a friendship with Biagiotti years ago.

For more of the story, click here: http://usat.ly/21d1SUw

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  1. That’s soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet

  2. If she seriously meant this gesture she wouldn't have called the news to cover it all! Clout chasing

  3. ain't gonna lie he is hella cute

  4. My cousin Blair has Williams and she went to prom with another kid with Williams

  5. Usually stories like this it’s obvious that the guy got lucky to go with a really good looking girl when usually they don’t have the looks but in this case I think she was the lucky one cause he’s not bad looking

  6. I notice a good amount of good looking or cute girls will like a guy with special needs or who doesn’t have the best looks cause then they don’t have to feel insecure about themselves knowing that the guy won’t say anything about the way they look

  7. She is trying to make the news, if she was doing this to be nice she would do it and not want any recognition

  8. That kid has an award winning smile

  9. He got it mama best time of his life

  10. I almost cried, my sister died at 11 from Williams syndrome….

  11. Wow she is the definition of true beauty 💐💕
    She is both beautiful on the outside and inside

  12. This guy is the best water lad I’ve ever seen in my years of playing football

  13. The attention is all she wants. Real good deeds are done in secret, with no praise given. And certainly not rolled out with a god damn high school drum line to call as much attention to it as possible

  14. what a fucked up teen girl this is

  15. My brother has special needs and watching this just makes me feel happy and knowing there are so much people who care. My friends thought I was lying but when they saw him they new I wasn't

  16. Special ed kids are savage this one kid was told “put your- listen YOUR computer away so he got someone else’s computer

  17. That smile tho fresher then my Jordans

  18. 1:11 The drums look like cigarettes

  19. She going to be a good prom star…

  20. I would 100% go to prom with him! He’s good-looking and he seems very funny and has so much to talk about❤️ EXCEPT I probably wouldn’t have done a big thing or announce it🤷‍♀️

  21. y’all just ruined the sincerity of this by making it a huge deal. It definitely should not be portrayed as a sort of great and rare occurrence. Really not worthy of a news coverage.

  22. He baked away when she tried to lean on him

  23. i love that she asked, and it’s really nice of her. she is really pretty, and i agree as a senior she cheerleader, she could’ve taken anyone, however she’s acting like this MAKE A WISH,

  24. Awwwwwwww its so cute☺☺☺☺☺❤❤❤❤

  25. This is so awesome! Kenzie chose a path so few choose, she’s amazing. Her parents raised her well! 👏👏👏👏👏👏💐On a side note, Cameron is a handsome boy!

  26. The girls mom was saying that her picking camron was a bad thing but not saying that she did

  27. tbh i would ship them even if she didn’t ask him. :’)

  28. ok, but why should it matter that she's a cheerleader or that he has special needs? we are people, why should status or mental state define us?

  29. Me: Says hi to and smiles, gets talked about for 2 months

    Her: Gets asked to prom. GETS ON THE NEWS!

    ??? (。+・`ω・´)

  30. The message here is, have mercy on this poor guy just for one night despite not being attracted to him. Never mind if he gets false hope and a broken heart.

  31. When I go to prom I won’t have a date
    Cuz I’m so lonely 😭

    One like=I get a prom date!

  32. I wish there were more people as kind as kenzi

  33. It made me so happy knowing that kid had someone who wanted to go to prom with him

  34. Am I the only one who thinks he looks like Jacob satirious?

  35. I don’t have the heart to tell him yu darvish is on the cubs now

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