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‘Cheers’ star John Ratzenberger slams Hollywood’s portrayal of skilled workers

Actor John Ratzenberger on why the skilled labor shortage is important to him. #FOXBusiness

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  1. Problem. Poor public school teachers and parents not raising their own children to have values, a work ethic, ….

  2. Well said cliff …he can take his broken news and stuff it

  3. 40 years ago, the government had a program called CETA. It actually paid people to learn a trade. Carpentry, auto mechanics and other trades. Soon there will be no electricians, carpenters, plumbers and mechanics. WTH will people do when their toilets don't flush their roof has a leak or their lights won't turn on. Learn a trade and you'll never never be out of work or hungry.

  4. 100 plus days of socialism and the prices are going up, jobs are lagging, taxes are going up! Do you see the signs? Democrats spending out of control is bankruptcy in our future? Border CRISIS not addressed!

  5. Gotta disagree here. There are tons of people on every job site that im on. Skilled workers. Amigos dominate the industries here in GA.

  6. much classier to be 200k in debt for a degree while you are jobless living in your parents basement. Mooooooom, we're outta hot pockets!

  7. this is a WORLDWIDE problem and this man is 100% right. they took away the shop classes and handed them ipads. what the hell did ya think was going to happen..the kids today don't even know how to change a tire..it's a JOKE….nevermind a trade..

  8. You know Cliff wants to tell us the history of the RV

  9. I think that young people today also expect to start at the top. Oddly, they are perfectly happy to work at McDs and live in their mother's basement but asking them to be an apprentice is offensive.

    I've known more than a few young men who have quit apprenticeship programs or entry level construction jobs because they were told to do "menial" task like "clean up the shop" or "move that stack of lumber".

  10. There is no lack of skilled workers, we are here. Problem is these mutts dont want to pay skilled workers. Youtubers make better money than skilled labor and 90 percent of the content is garbage.

  11. Hollywood has no clue.

  12. Most young people can't get their GD phones out of their hands for more than 15 seconds. One of the worst things ever invented.

  13. I can tell you why there's no skilled tradesmen because the Democratic machine doesn't want anybody to do anything they're saying if you aren't a skilled CEO or if you aren't in charge of something you don't need to build it so what do we need less interference from the government less help from the government let's help from the people who don't know nothing but sitting on their butts and trying to steal our money from us when we earn it

  14. Millennials . Nuff said .

  15. Parents, raising snowflake children, who don't even know how to replace a lightbulb, seriously

  16. Yup out with the old and wize. No respect these days 4 hard working American families

  17. Mike rowe has been saying this for years. I've worked skilled trade my whole life. You couldn't put me in a cubicle.

  18. John was saying how skilled trades people are portrayed in Hollywood as idiots. Meanwhile, I am a Journeyman Toolmaker looking to retire at the end of 2023 from a major, American auto manufacturer, and I can't tell you how many times Engineers have come to me and asked "Could you come up with something for this?" I think, well, you have a college degree in Engineering and I have a high school diploma….but….yeah, of course I can come up with something for that. Conceive it, design it, engineer it, draw the print, precision machine the parts, fabricate it, and install it. Meanwhile….you can sit and wonder how I did it. Some people are born with aptitude to be able to do things. Others take some tests and get a piece of paper that says they know something, then they come to me to figure it out for them. They should be fired because they are only taking up space and resources. I've only known a few really good Engineers.

  19. As a Combat Marine Veteran is REALLY annoying seeing Hollywood soy boy libt*rds portraying Alpha Male military men.

  20. People are lazy and don't want to do physical labor ! 😥🇺🇸

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