Chesapeake, Virginia Community In Mourning After Walmart Shooting

Following the shooting at a Walmart in Chesapeake, Virginia, the community that should be celebrating Thanksgiving is in mourning. NBC News’ Cal Perry has the latest on the tragedy. » Subscribe to NBC News:
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  3. This is a Crying shame thanks for good people in this community.

  4. We need to get rid of corporate media and Biden. Our country will heal once special interest groups are removed from government and media.

  5. Guns are inanimate objects duh

  6. Again I'm thinking CIA hypnotherapy as with many prominent deaths but I believe this was personal for the shooter. To his logic someone else is to blame for all this and this was a justifiable way out. He had it all in life and yet he chose this path. This was personal.
    African-Americans: stop killing and hurting each other; the system is to blame for your pain and anger. Look at your fellow-Americans as friends and fellow-country(wo)men. There is nothing more ultimate than the life you're living right now and it will only get better from this point on. Stand STRONG & United, USA 💯❤️

  7. We have to find out what the why is so we can make more red flag laws. Red flag laws that never work that is. The only thing that works is a gun in the hands of a good guy. We need more rights to carry hand guns onto private property that is opened to the public that way a mass shooter doesn't see innocent victims as easily killed as shooting fish in a bucket.

  8. I guess putting the crosses up is protected under free speech. I wouldn't of done it, some of the people may not of been from that religion. It's just out of respect.

  9. I like Kate Snow. Not crazy about the news or suicidal idiots but …I like Kate.

  10. Work on treating the mental problem.
    Its not the gun, its the person behind it.

  11. If they were no guns that ever existed, people would find another way.

  12. It's a human issue not guns. If someone is going to hurt others they do it , fire, cars, knifes, bombs. Can't fix the person so they go after gun laws period

  13. Biden, I’m going to get rid of assault weapons…What an ignorant President we have.

  14. Gun laws don’t do anything don’t sentence the criminals to life sentence them to torture and to get executed via live streaming

  15. I’m so glad I moved away from Virginia.

  16. Stop televising it. You’ll be surprised at what happens 😊

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  18. Sounds like a weekend in Chicago!!!

  19. When will we start defending ourselves? One of the witnesses apparently watched the shooter popping off rounds. Why didn't she try to deliver some justice???? Nope, let's just whine about gun laws

  20. Overcome evil with good. Be good to each other peeps.

  21. Another Democrat Behaving badly

  22. Another TV station giving you a line of BS

  23. Maybe the issue is bullying. Word is the crew bullied and harassed the supervisor to that point! People bully and believe there is no consequences! 🙄😒

  24. It’s weird how you rarely hear of the expected violent hardened criminals with access to guns all day long doing this. It’s always the lone mysterious ones who suddenly snap. 😏

  25. The Divided Shot Up States of America ☠️

  26. my wife has 23 years at walmart and she weeps for those who lost their lives

  27. Every stores and schools need a metal detector and security guards at the entrance.

  28. We can put a man on the moon but can’t stop the shooting.

  29. So sad to see Dr. Fauci retire. God bless Fauci for keeping us safe! I'm vaxxed, boosted, and N95 masked and I'm still taking this pandemic seriously because I care about human life. A pandemic doesn't end just because you want it to. COVID is still very dangerous and we still need to take this seriously! Please continue to take proper precautions and mask up! Just a friendly reminder yall!❤

  30. Another BLM community member strikes again.