Monday , April 19 2021
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Chicago Teenager Helping Connect Seniors To Covid Vaccine Appointments | NBC News NOW

Chicago high school freshman Benjamin Kagan tells News Now how he began helping others with Covid-19 vaccines, despite not being qualified himself.
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Chicago Teenager Helping Connect Seniors To Covid Vaccine Appointments | NBC News NOW


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  1. Stop killing off the elderly. What does this person know about what they are filling these vaccines with and the side effects. Come on, what is this? THERE IS NOOO CORONAVIRUS HENCE THERE IS NO NEED FOR A VACCINE THAT IS KILLING PEOPLE. The lies are getting bigger and bigger by claiming there are variants..LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES!!!

  2. There are waaayyyy to many old people that are basically the living dead.

  3. The internet says it steals your soul and turns you into a lizard.

  4. Check out my book on my channel

  5. Ginger has no soul… trying to help snuff out souls…

  6. Chicago Teenager Helping Exterminate Senior Citizen Population…

  7. so sad that young people are so brainwashed at such an early age. please if you really care …. do the research before you let anyone poison your kids with an experimental "vaccine" ….. people will be so sad when they realize there is a consequence to participating in an evil agenda. choose truth choose love.


  9. If this teen were a real hero then he'd spend a few hours researching Louis Pasteur to see that this pandemic is a hoax, then work to inform others. Inform others that these are not vaccines, but DNA modifiers that turn people into patent-righted GMO humans.

  10. I love old people, bless this kid helping them get the help they need…


  12. 0000000. Explain to me:  why the media is not telling the American  People to Email Office of Attorney General in there STATES AND OTHER STATES to request a TRANSPARENT AUDIT regarding 2020 Presidential Election  this is information the American People need to know?  Why?  EXPLAIN?

  13. Benjamin helps fill the veins of old people with the poison. ☠️

  14. Never trust a ginger. The royal family learned it the hard way.

  15. The minor interviewer reassuringly analyse because adult extremely paste regarding a quickest company. decorous, internal station

  16. Maybe his time would be better spent researching what’s in the vaccine.

  17. What about the numbers? The minute by minute covid case coverage is non existent. WHAT ABOUT THE NUMBERS TO KNOW IF THE VACCINE IS EVEN NECESSARY, OR OPTIONAL?

  18. nobody taking that vaccine lool its all gas light.

  19. So billions sent to Chicago but it takes a teenager at the kitchen table to do this. F Dems.

  20. Jesus loves and cares about you so much so repent so That we all make it to heaven.

    Like so more people can see this..

  21. I'm going to help. Don't take this experimental DNA modifying "Vaccine". You'll thank me later

  22. Bet he burned a few businesses last summer

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