China and Ukraine are funding Biden’s 401(k): Kudlow #shorts

FOX Business’ host Larry Kudlow joins ‘The Big Money Show’ to discuss President Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping’s pivotal meeting in San Francisco.

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  1. Biden is getting paid…

  2. Their funding my 104k, you know the thing…

  3. F.J.B.before He F.U.T.U.S.A.ooops TooLate.😮

  4. Biden's and obama's boss is Xi.

  5. China is responsible for killing millions during covid,Biden needs to go!!

  6. CHANGE:


  8. The FBI has had the 💻 OVER TWO years 🤬! Are they changing/ removing parts from it 🤬?!

  9. He is too stupid to know enemy from friends or to retire

  10. Why does fox news lies about every story they talk about.

  11. Another defamation lawsuit on the way


  13. Biden and family need to be in prison !

  14. The Biden Administration are sending, Hush Money to Ukraine. Bottom Line!

  15. He does distinguish every chance he gets.
    He smears trump which is an American citizen which does believe in America. F*** Joe BRIBIN. The American people have had enough of his b*******.🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉😮

  16. How Did Biden. Obama, Piglosi, And The Clintons
    All Become Multi Millionaires.
    All Of Them Are Currupt.

  17. He still going to steal more money 😅😅

  18. The answer to the first question: $$,$$$,$$$.$$

  19. Seriously? Retire? You think Bidens plan is focused on retirement at the age of 81? You are going to have to come up with something better than that. 😂

  20. Joey should go back to his basement and eat his ice cream and take naps!

  21. Biden is a crook he needs to be thrown in jail

  22. He sells America out to Russia and China. Treason.

  23. He is completing the ONE WORLD ORDER .. Hillary was suppose to do it that's why she was so mad on the night Trump won and she didn't . She still wants to be in there and the closes she can get is to cut Trump down on Media and to get him in and out of the court system .. and talk about it later .