Friday , January 21 2022
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China chief exec says they will begin dialogue with protesters

Carrie Lam plans to reach out to the people to discuss the Hong Kong protests, Susan Li says.

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  1. Pretty disturbing speech!!!! Horrid!!! Her only concern are the policemen, and their families and their children. Give me abreak!!! TmShe is stating their going to turn the police on and against the people

  2. China want to negotiate that means Hong Kong's people winning. ✊

  3. Yes, reaching out to the protesters to see face to face who they are, so they know exactly whose organs to come after as soon as the PR settles down

  4. This.women is in a hot seat in as much China is involved, if she side with protesters China mafia will eliminate her one time.

  5. In 2014, student, leaders whom she negotiated have been indicted and jailed. No deal with Satan anymore.

  6. It is ABOUT TIME…….CHINESE in HONG KONG are in the right……China needs to have more sense and compassion with their people!
    Stop the abuses, arrest……they have been PEACEFUL! 🙂

  7. Carrie Lam cannot plan anything without the permission from Mainland China. We can see all the paramiliatry police from China gathered at the frontier (there is no border as far as Mainland Chian is concern). Either the protest agree with the bill or they will be slaughter.This is how Mainland China always do things.

  8. She is continuously being dictated by Mainland China of what she is allowed to say and the act.She is a 100% vegetarian. She can no longer act on her own without Mainland China pushing her backbone.

  9. مرگ بر روسیه …..مرگ بر چین ….down with russia….down with china

  10. 美英总是世界和平的搅屎棍。

  11. Look outside your window Carrie Lam, no need for dialogue.

  12. Lets listen to the people, So it can go in one ear and out the other. Nice carrie ham.
    I hope millions more take to the streets and yell freedom all day.

  13. What should America do…Wrong question…The right question…Where is the voice of the leader of the Free World.
    Well, the short answer to that is… hiding in the basement of the White House…wondering why the Dane's are looking forward to the visit…
    of a US president….Didn't he just cancel that visit after all?…no not that President the other one… Yep Obama!
    What you didn't really think he canceled the visit because they wouldn't sell him Greenland…
    Yap he heard Obama was coming to town and he didn't want to be upstaged again…Sad so sad!

  14. Distorting the facts, inciting hatred,are what the official Chinese media are doing. They call it: motivate the people to fight the people .

  15. She is just handing the protestors over to the PLA

  16. Talking peace before they strike. Take notes

  17. Name one time that has resulted in Beijing dealing with anything in a sincere and humble manner.

  18. Minu ga hana. No matter what I say, no zombie will notice. 😑

  19. Government's around the world have a plan for China if the COMMUNIST CRIMINALS DONT CARM DOWN.

  20. Carie lam reaches to the protestors of Hong Kong🤔.

    Having deportation deal?

  21. We must be overcome the differences among us, every problem should be solved if we come to each other with tolerance

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