Wednesday , August 10 2022

China Holds Live-Fire Military Drills As Pelosi Visits Taiwan

China is ramping up its military drills in response to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s historic trip to Taiwan. This is China’s first live-fire exercises off Taiwan since 1996. Beijing sent fighter jets across a critical dividing line between Taiwan and the mainland, according to Taiwan and a senior U.S. official, raising U.S. fears that either side could miscalculate. Pelosi met with human rights leaders and Taiwan’s democratically elected president Tsai Ing-wen.
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  1. Free Taiwan🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    Support Taiwan sovereignty and independence🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. Maybe Pelosi could catch a stray

  3. What a bunch of cry babies. Almost as bad as Democrats.

  4. They should have kept the Old Hag there, and then also send China Puppet Joe and the Laughing Hyena.

  5. Wise leader. Luckily not fall into USA trap. Create another war.

  6. they think that the chinese would be like russia. Putin cares about ukraine and fears going to war because he doesn't want world war 3 and to endanger russian civilians. China on the other hand doesn't care, they will be willing to die for there country and ready to go to war and that is all of it civilians. Plus china could care less about what happens to taiwan civlians.

  7. NEVER FORGET Gen. Milley's phone call to the the Chinese Generals behind Trump's back..
    Joe Biden and Pelosi are more dangerous than what they accused Trump of doing

  8. China gives the rest of the world Coronavirus and is upset an older woman went to visit Taiwan and China government calls it vicious and provocative . If that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black.

  9. China needs to take a chill pill… 😎 🙄

  10. Hahaha america stands with Taiwan u are also say america stands Ukraine also now we are oll see how are ukrain now…

  11. "America stands with Taiwan," America said it stands with Ukraine. Look at Ukraine now. The moral is, Do not believe the Americans. They stood with a lot of countries. Afghanistan, Ukraine. They all ended up in a pile of rubble. Next will be Taiwan.

  12. Pelosi is not america, and it is not whole america deligation. It is her selfish deligation only..

  13. In 1949, the current regime in Taiwan (the Republic of China) lost popular support due to corruption in the military, so it was repelled to Taiwan by the Chinese Communist Party and became a regional regime. For 70 years, the United States has continued to set obstacles in it, preventing the Chinese Communist Party and the 1.4 billion Chinese people from uniting Taiwan.

  14. It’s funny 😅 and interesting to
    watch how Americans react to this!! Depending on the news channel !!

  15. We accept only China one child policy 🤣😂😂😂

  16. China will not wage a war. But they will strenthen their influence over the region. Some Southeast asian nations are already being forced to receive infastructure projects, business investments and military hardware from China. A best way to blackmail Southeast asian nations, if they side with the west. Western medias are not aware that locals in the region are actually siding more with China.

  17. Yeah right! Joe has covid. I call BS. He’s rehearsing a speech full of lies about our wonderful economy.
    Break out the napalm we be going to Taiwan.

  18. I am an American and I would enlist,fight, and die on the battlefield in Taiwan if need be!!!

  19. Nancy is a two faced snake, a liar, a deceiver and a devil in very plain clothes. She says peace, but kills so many people by what she does in the pandemic, and in supporting war machines, and making war. That is why she went to Taiwan is to stir things up so the war machine can get on with it. She wants a war between China and US. Because it will make her and her husband millions on their investments. It also makes her donors happy, her elite friends because it pushes the US over the cliff. That is her agenda. She didn't want peace during the Jan 6 and other riots. She and her other deep state minions again stirred things up, and gave just the right help and push to get things riled up. Then she and her minions let all of her evil Satanic friends out of jail. She continues to let fentanyl into our country, and all of the drug pushers, child molesters, blood drinkers and general, really bad demon processed people into our country at the border. That is the piece she really wants. A mixed up bowl of pieces of meat for the grinder. Nancy, her husband and all her minions should be have a stake put in their heart just like she has done to so many millions of Americans. Send their demon soles back to their maker where they can be properly shown the product of their actions. Let God sort her and her minions out. He is better suited to deal with demons.

  20. As for Joe Biden telling her not to go hes still a coward President

  21. As a trump supporter I believe this is the only thing Nancy Pelosi has done right in her career

  22. What is with the masks. Is that even Pelosi?

  23. Their " High Precision" rockets managed to hit the ocean, but then again, the fish weren't shooting back.

  24. This old hag.. she knew exactly this would happen lol 😂 the birch is crazy!!

  25. usa is always a flint. America is evil

  26. The cost of smallest rocket can buy food for my family for a lifetime..what a waste 🤦

  27. The United States gonna do Taiwan, like Ukraine. China is gonna bomb them, and the United States gonna send Taiwan can foods, and blankets. Talking bout you have are support. We are praying for you over here in America 🇺🇸 That sounds funny but it’s true.

  28. China is like an unhappy child stamping its feets over Pelosi visit to Taiwan.

  29. The more cowardly, the more hysterical. In other words, it is Xi Jinping himself.

  30. NBC doing false clickbait titles too lol

  31. Pelosi's self interest has now put a country at risk along with a possible war at the same time as Ukraine is getting battered.

    Biden is clearly compromised and/or has no idea what's staring him in the face. If the USA is this backward then China being no.1 in the world will be a good thing.

    Are these people even on this planet? Most hated Trump and none of this would be happening if he was still in power.

    USA is now in so much trouble Nationally and Internationally it's beyond belief.

    Karma bites back – Maybe people will actually wake up when the $hit hits the fan as per usual.

  32. 82 yo, she should be already retired or visiting and supporting Kentucky's people . Stay in your country Pelosi 笨女人

  33. What urgency old pelosi go to taiwan and said will bring peace? Honestly she taunt china to attack taiwan 😀

  34. Taiwan like Ukraine is a country and that has been the case for years, the people that live there choose it to be that way but greedy evil and corrupt communism leaders and also the other world leaders never have enough power, they allways want more. You greedy world leaders Will be the end of us all IF WE FIGHT!

  35. Dogs drew its tail in between their legs and barking noisy are dogs do not bite.

  36. CALL Your States Representative

    Motion To vacate chair or expelled from the house!!!!

    Nancy  Has wasted enough time and resources!!!!

  37. In America's tongue: this is just normally military drill, Taiwan has no reasons to be offended, and if Taiwan takes any counter measure, it's totally Taiwan's fault for raising regional tensions.