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China is getting crushed by this trade war: Steve Moore

Heritage Foundation chief economist Steve Moore discusses the U.S.-China trade war and reacts to China devaluing their currency.

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  1. if we have to settle into the log game we need to retool the farmers to grow more for internal USA use and less export. We have not been trading with China forever. Late 70's early 80's so we do know how to keep America strong.

  2. US$ 4000 net family income per month, a small but cozy apartment in Shanghai, about to upgrade to be a father in 2 month, no debt,not able to vote though, but still feeling happy most of my days, I don't hate Americans, I have been working in Texas, love the people there. But all day long some americans just sit there wishing us crushed.

  3. U.S is not ready for a deal base on Trump's action and not base on Trump's words. By the way china did not steal from U.S IP rather china purchase U.S IP. China did not steal the american jobs rather the american gave the jobs to the chinese to lower its cost. America exploited china cheap labour force to lower its cost and now its totally wrong to accuse china of stealing IP and jobs

  4. Steve Moore is a joke. Actually things are quite calm in China and trade deficit of US with China is sustaining. China’s stamina is many times that of US while US farmers are losing out big time for a long time, even if a deal was made today, as China has committed to longer term purchasing from other countries.

  5. I guess Fox doesn’t know how tariffs work either. Only thing that getting crushed in the trade war is the U.S. Consumer, because they are the ones paying the tariffs.

  6. China is paying for the tariffs. Just like Mexico PAID for the wall! Wait Oh 💩. Doh.🤣🤣🤣. And stupid trump supporters still support the orange floater.

  7. Your wrong America is losing your going to see this month when food prices go up or near November when all toys and electronics are way out of your price ranges because all that stuff is made in China or clothes because only 3% of clothing is made in America…

  8. Is USA or China more dangerous/harmful to the world? Let the world choose to either isolate USA (along with the Petrodollar) or China.

  9. no company should show it's tech to the government, but how else does China grow technologically? and how much does it owe on what is has stolen in the last 30 years? being Communists what else can they be other than "denialists"?

  10. They will get crushed in more than one way. And that's good.

  11. fox you are the king of comedy.

  12. China will NEVER keep any agreement with the USA on trade.

  13. American people do not want to nuy no more Chinese junk. Boycott all Chinese goods.they are a evil dictatorship .stealing everything from every one

  14. Other countries are basically buying up Chinese goods which were originally destined for the USA. The Remimbi is so attractively priced today that these goods have become even cheaper than before the trade war started. The USA is looking at a bigger trade deficit as well as a slowdown in its manufacturing activities, which will ultimately crash its economy.

  15. IF FOX news says China is losing than it actually means America is not winning …. IF you look at it this way, FOX news is never lying , …….you just need to adjust your perspective slightly while watching FOX news.

  16. Tried ordering parts for my computer but have to wait till this trade war ends. 😭

  17. Fox is the only one saying china is losing 🤔 idk whats fake news now. Haha

  18. Oh Yes… So why need to do a trade deal… Just keep crushing the China… Its so easy to win…

  19. If you think China is getting crush you are living in a big dream

  20. You know Chinese videos are saying the exact opposite. Strenghth is in the eye of the beholder

  21. Couldn't of happen to a nicer bunch communist trash will never learn even after the west helps these bums.

  22. Trump said it will be very bad for China if there is no deal.
    Which mean… No deal is good for America!
    Then, why deal?

  23. Host kept interrupting her guest

  24. china blinked?!!! lol sweet dreams lool

  25. There goes Fox news again commentator will not let guest speak who cares what you got to say you always ask stupid like CNN would ask

  26. American company need not go to China!! Stay in America or go to SOuth America!! Nobody will steal anything American! Open your eyes stupid! Ask Americans not to buy Chinese!!

  27. One day you say something. Next day another!! Who is the chosen ONE doing this?

  28. It'd be more likely US crushed beforehand.

  29. Chinese like it. Keep saying this

  30. Ha, ha. No, U.S. farmers are getting crushed.

  31. China already admitted that every year would be economical crush since 1990😂

  32. China is the biggest trading nation in history always was since ancient times, but somehow American government thinks it can beat them, how? They produce EVERYTHING! They have a HUGE DOMESTIC MARKET, an middle class that is BIGGER THAN THE ENTIRE AMERICAN POPULATION, and is getting wealthier every year. How delusional is Trump administration and his supporters?


  34. I'm currently touring US and have spoken to lots of American. They are not believing whatever the news feeding them these days. They seem to lean toward RT news and YouTube for more accurate news.

  35. China is collapsing everyday in your media.

  36. Bullshits. This guy doesn't know what's he talking about

  37. China is making money alllll over the world!
    US is busy building walls & make enemies 😂

  38. China getting Crushed???
    US GDP < 2%
    Singapore GDP <1%
    China GDP this year 6%!
    Lol 😂

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