Thursday , August 11 2022

China is probing us: Dan Hoffman

Fox Business contributor Dan Hoffman discusses what an attack on Taiwan would mean for the U.S. on ‘Fox Business Tonight.’

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  1. Bro. I just want to play video games.


  3. Technically you shouldn't give out information or let anyone know that you're going to have a business meeting like that you should keep it on the down low instead of leaking it. If Pelosi would have been able to go there and do the her business then leave without the Chinese finding out it would have been way better.

  4. Every American that WHO WANTS to remain FREE should stop buying anything and everything made in China right NOW!

  5. hey brainless american….dont call china is a threat.

    the useless pelosi visit endanger million of people living in taiwan

    i am from indonesia. about 300.000 indonesian work in taiwan, you also endanger their living, and indonesian condemn US provocative action

  6. This has little…very little to do with the people of Taiwan and everything to do with money and greed

  7. I think he's obviously very correct and look why.
    They've only got a short time to act because the next president is not going to be a pushover.
    I don't think there's any respect for this poser president anywhere is on the globe beyond 8 to 12%, maximum.
    Don't think for one minute that our enemies don't see it and no this is the perfect time for a strike

  8. You people aren’t too swift! How do you think the CIA found out about in the Taliban might’ve said they were going to protect him there is the ones that sold them out they did it for money or food or medicine or something political. I can’t believe nobody’s getting this. Arabs and Muslims are always killing each other and betraying each other.

  9. I think I’ll China is going to do is talk they’re gonna stand there and shake their fish status that’s about the extent of it and that’s because that’s all I can get away with.

  10. Damnit! What does it take for our political and military leaders to wake up to the inevitable? That being the Chinese are not that brilliant about the real world outside of their fantasy communist state and, therefore, actually believe that our present weak and embarrassing administration can be overcome and that they can actually topple, control or completely dominate our country, society, populace and power in the world? It's time for first and complete initial strike on thier leaders, military and infrastructure! Our power is far superior to theirs and they would be lucky to get off a single shot at us before they would be completely subdued! Do it! Do it now! Or wait for Trump to do it?

  11. Yea Biden was against it that's because China owns him Nancy was messing with his boss and money

  12. Almost correct. "China is punking Democrats." is the right lead in.

  13. Xi Jinping is a member of the WEF forum and one of Klaus's favorites ffs. This has all of the makings of another proxy war

  14. Putin certainly probed Trump's rump, so of course China is using its wiles on us.

  15. Biden is compromised. Traitor!

  16. The man was killed in 2020.

  17. Pelosi came to Taiwan 🇹🇼 that is good or bad ??
    We are worrying the bad more than the worse !

    Pelosi run show for the election 2022 or 2024 🤔
    Don’t forget what’ll she does fo reduce the depression in America.. ??
    Americans r suffering & dry money to buy daily foods

  18. Question is, how many ccp operatives, or for that matter Iranians, Russians, North Koreans, Mexican Cartel, are ALREADY in America in Sleeper Cells… Just waiting to Attack America? I mean Hell, they can walk across our borders undetected with distractions from the Cartel, so why would we ASSUME they are not Already Here? Common Sense says…THEY ARE HERE!

  19. We don't call him "China Joe Biden or Quid Pro Joe Biden" for Nothing! The entire World knows that the Biden Crime Family are beholden to ALL of America's Enemies!

  20. Mahajir's govt. job quotes is negligible

  21. This guy constantly Interrupts his guests on the show. Highly Irritating

  22. Burden admin is bought out by China, but China continues to threaten us. Endless and evil cycle.

  23. Foxx from Windsor Ontario Canada just south of Detroit Michigan USA ciao for now

  24. I like this Dan guy no panic in his voice. Just basic stuff. But if we are doing a dive in history whether it's the the original hordes or the Mongols or the Manchurians or the Japanese or Western powers China called it wrong. Under any computer simulation China should have come out on top but it never did. China is not a threat other than their size as quantity is I guess a quality in itself. And we all China's failures they have kept their Han culture which is what they want to protect so I say stop annoying them with double talk.

  25. You foolish Americans day will come

  26. chinese aint doin ish

  27. So my concern is do the gov not think about retaliation for killing a leader like that? Taking responsibility in front of the world would really put a target on the USA..

  28. What a fraud podcast! The right title is the US government is proving China!
    Trump said it best! we created chaos around the world!

  29. What a waste of resources. This is honestly so hard to watch. Elites running the world please enough of the lame previews let’s get straight into ww3 strong. The masses on any part of earth are just as cringe as these tidbits with there opinions and speculations.

  30. So who are we going to get next?there are so many to chose from,and why not put the video of this animal eating a drone on his balcony on line,we could use a nice smile to start the day

  31. What about all our Americans Biden left there to get hacked up,,,,dont her NOTHING about that anymore,,,,I guess THEY concidered them CASUALTIES of war,oh well,just THE cost of doing business right

  32. What will it take before we shut the US down to China?

  33. Kankir Pola bastad Parke bal halais madar chord toy kotta yes tor game I not care bastad bal halic

  34. Dear good people of Taiwan: The Obama/Biden administration just sold you out to China. No if's, and's or but's. Too bad for you that the Obama/Biden administration just bent you over for the Chinese to have their way with you. The majority of Americans disagree with the Obama/Biden administration…but nobody will hear about our feelings. Good luck. Be as strong as you can. God bless you!

  35. I hope they are using some kind of lubricant. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  36. Let’s send all the congressmen children to go fight the war..useless idiots anyway..apples don’t fall far from the trees…is time for Mexico Latin American to become a complete sovereignty ..1china 1 native nation of Latin America ..

  37. China is Probing us??
    Sounds like a Colinoscapy.

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