Thursday , July 2 2020
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China is teaming up with Russia on a $55B fuel pipeline

Fox News senior strategic analyst and retired four-star General Jack Keane discusses international headlines, including China and Russia working together, the NATO summit and this week’s London attack.

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  1. Russian . Unless it's a nuclear war… if it's everyone is going to die. If it is conventional war, Russia's spending 56 billions and NATO is 1 trillion dollars.

    China is a push around, China is a very important country in the world now aday.

    Concerns the world? Nato is not the world.

  2. Where's Russia getting the $ oh! China! Something terrible will happen like Chernobyl!

  3. The pipeline is worth $400 billion and China realises that Russia is a more reliable trade partner than the US. Also, since the US insists on using its currency as a weapon against Nations, expect the usage of the dollar in trade to fall significantly in the coming years.

  4. China and Russia are getting closer to each other is consurn, ? the world is consurn about what america is doing round the world

  5. Hahahah you are losing power in the world

  6. You can't fix stupidity in America !

  7. I swear USA will Start a War somewhere somehow.. Just to sabotage these Contract..

  8. usa can do nothing against it,just mad

  9. China spent most of its taxpayers' money on freeing its people from poverty and developing the country to give them a comfortable life. the Chinese people do not need to spend a lot of money on their daily expenses and that is another form of freedom. China only spent a quarter of what America spent on its military.
    on the other hand, America spent most of its taxpayers' money on the military and war in foreign countries which amounted to trillions while half a million Americans are still living in the streets. which country is scarier?

  10. The tererest you call them Democracy forces so whu are the tererest??? Russia and China Iran those they are fighting tererest?? Tell us

  11. Usa can team with useless hk 🤣

  12. Americans are bashing and killing each other way more for whatever freedom and democracy they want.

  13. most of US ppl are dumb and easy to be fooled. Jack doesn't even believe his own talking, LOL!

  14. 55B? This is a 400B contract between the two countries.

  15. I am Chinese and I think the US should continue to fight with our CCP government. this will be the best for our ordinary Chinese people. On the one hand the CCP bulids lots convenient infrastrctures for us and the US fight the human rights for us~ LOL I am so lucky to be Chinese.

  16. The US has a special talent to create its own enemies, Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Iran, Russia, China to name a few.

  17. It's because of our decades-long interventionist foreign policy on meddling in the internal affairs of other nations that we, the U.S., subsidized the Chinese government's development and oppression; we even helped it obtain nuclear technology. China is where it is today because the U.S. adopted a short-sighted policy of treating China, the enemy of another enemy (i.e., the Soviet Union), as its friend. However, in the end, expectations of the moronic dictatorial Chinese regime turning "democratic," "capitalistic," and so on have failed. Everything the U.S. government was hoping to achieve in China for nearly half a century has failed. In addition, because of our flawed militaristic interventionist foreign policy in unnecessarily demonizing Russia, the U.S. has ultimately forced Russia to strengthen military and economic ties with our once-friend-now-turned-enemy China. Had the U.S. simply refrained from policing the world and adhered to the principles of the U.S. Constitution before World War I or even after World War II (i.e, no "Federal" Reserve, no income tax, no 16th Amendment, no 17th Amendment, no interventionist foreign policy), China and Russia would not be as big a threat as they are today.

  18. The general is wrong in all aspects.
    The Chinese people not just in China but worldwide are very happy with the Ccp fir all the achievements achieved so far. Only the blinds like this general sees it in his own conclusion still clinging the the old outdated idea communism today is still the same decade's ago.

    Grow up. Today China combined the best of communism with the best of capitalism to chieve the impossible.
    No nation for the life of this earth can ever achieve what China achieved.

    China wants to develop undisturbed and not be corrupted by your failed democracy.. Look at India. Does it work?

  19. mainstream media: it does not matter that saudi arab and uae are kingdoms, we americans do not care. Only china and russia's regimes matter (because they are REALLY powerful). haha delirious main stream media

  20. Those two leaders are cheaters. They are going to cheat each other and go to war with each other. 😆

  21. Absolute rubbish you retired Demented General. Hong Kong is Chinese territory. No one has the right to tell how the Chinese should run and operate their own country. The People's Republic of California should secede. Then followed by The Texas Republic of United Mexico.

  22. Dumb America part 2 😂😂

  23. Right winners trash you guys tire of winning? 😁

  24. Fox rabble-rousing again. smh

  25. Russia and china vs NATO. Washington and NATO are the biggest threats to world peace. Washington is a warmonger regime that is bent on world domination by any means necessary. Too bad as long as Russia and China exist, Washington will never see its dream develop, actually it will be the ruin of the U.S and Western Europe. Russia and china are just too much for Washington and NATO to ever handle in their wildest dreams 🤣

  26. Why should the close cooperation of Russia and China be a concern of the World? Just the concern of the US + 4eyes + NATO only not even ordinary Europeans

  27. The Chinese don’t need Russia, they can build it in no time at all. Russians have been wanting to do this for a long.

  28. Key point: without us dollars…

  29. Typical western ideology. Nothing new. Nothing useful.

  30. So much corruption will be involved on that. Not as pretty as people think.

  31. Send the terrorizing punks to China where their organs can be sold to the ccp bitches. Win win🤷🏻‍♂️

  32. Simple: Threaten to cut off Chinese shipping in or out of American waters and ports PERIOD! sm

  33. General: The royal jerks who have turned Europe into a basket case, are now trying to force out the very perverts and murderers they insisted with the support of the UN, Soros and so many others like our psycho dems! They play with socialism and of all things Communism when they all know from brutal experience that all they gain is blood and more blood! Climate change: Still waiting as the planet cools, CO2 crisis: Garbage then, garbage now! sm

  34. you have to admit Trump is more of a politician than he use to be he has changed somewhat from the person he was when he was running in 2016 an that he has pulled back from the average person if you don't believe me then watch him actions speck louder than words

  35. Saw that one coming, the whole wold keep pushing Russia and China into each arms!

  36. Four-star general shares his World vision and his ideas that he has developed 30 years ago…

  37. ISIS was created and is funded by the USA.

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