Wednesday , November 25 2020
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China lashes out after NBA team tweets support of Hong Kong

FOX News senior judicial analyst Judge Napolitano discusses the NBA’s reaction to the Houston Rockets’ tweet in support of Hong Kong protests.

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  1. If your people really support freedom of expression,so why did the former boss of Clippers have to sell his team after his words about Racial discrimination?

  2. forget about China people, most of them only buy fake products of NBA.

  3. I wanna say that I slept all u usa clowns' biiich wives laast night for a buck. Feeling nice for a fxxk hahah.

  4. First of all, Morey's tweet to support Hongkong is not a support for democracy. These guys are not at Hongkong and have no idea what is really going on there. In fact, most people in the west do not know because all these media like BBC, FOX etc are only broadcasting partial information that is to the favor of their opinions. You have not seen police under attack in Hongkong, you have not seen people got beat up just because others heard them speaking Mandarin on their way to work, you have not seen shops got robbed and stores got fired up, and you have not seen footage showing those protesters getting violent and out of control and getting many more innocent people involved, and all these happened in Hongkong but was never reported by the main stream western media.

    Secondly, it is not about freedom of speech. Dropping a political comment like that is more hurtful to Chinese people than when you drop N word and F word to black people, if you also call that freedom of speech. What Chinese people want is really simple, an sincere apology from Mr Morey himself, which so far he has not given.

    For those of you who says no morals all about money, I would just say you do not really understand Chinese people. I think NBA did a right thing here, by showing a good gesture, even it is still not considered as enough by many Chinese people. Suppose if NBA really 'stand the ground' and 'show some spines' as some of you have requested and then you think there will be victory and things will just get better, then I am sure that you will soon realize how wrong an opinion it is and it will be too late to regret by then.

  5. Freedom of speech is relative. If a person in charge of a Chinese company operating in the United States publishes racist speech, the American people will be very angry and the company will be subject to huge fines and bankruptcy. Similarly, if a foreigner who has commercial activities in China has published a speech that splits China, he will also be resisted by the Chinese. Just as Muslims hate pigs and Israel hates Nazis, a shrewd businessman should learn to do as the Romans do.

  6. I support 911 bom bom bom

  7. It is not just the government does not like the message, it is most of the Chinese citizen don't like separatism. Is that real hard to be understood?

  8. Happy 911!

    Ps: political freedom.

  9. FAUX NEWS HYPOCRITES will never question Saudis' human rights records and TRUMP'S silence in Kasshogi case.

    Yes, it is all about money. Why do you guys fuss on Chinese but none on Saudis.

  10. Americans licking Chinese feet already!? lol

  11. Like these fuckers dont earn enough money..scared to offend their pay masters..they could actually expose china to their wrong doings..instead they sellout😯..lost respect labron and co

  12. The way that woman describes China… hilarious! are you living in last century? What a joke!

  13. Americans hate 911. Chinese hate American riots. Riots are not parades.所以美国白人不要用你们高傲的姿态对全世界指手画脚,你们所谓的民主挑起的战争还少吗?在你们眼中你们是正义的,在全世界除了白人来说,你们就是恶魔,中国有句古话,不是不报,时候未到

  14. You support HK protesters who are rioters, if you think it is ur freedom to talk about that, so Chinese also have freedom to say "God bless the brave Afghans who sacrificed themselves to get freedom in 911"!

  15. 美国不一直这一套吗,站在道德高地上屠杀对手。

  16. Capitalism… nothing new!

  17. Why would he delete the tweet??????????

  18. 美国佬,言论自由你们国内用用就好,对别国不要大屁眼子一样老放屁。

  19. If you think so, don't have business with China.

  20. Never Trumper Napolitano may be correct here, but he has no credibility with most FOX viewers.

  21. American might feel difficult to understand. I actually feel much much safer when I was in China, especially at night, knowing there are cameras in every corner of the street so that every criminal act can be captured. As a Chinese, I don't feel my freedom was impacted, except for not being able to use google. "Benefit of the doubt" is a term I learnt after I moved here. I think that's what sometimes ppl here should hold when seeing things in China that are different than in the U.S.

  22. I think that Hawaii, California, should be separated from the United States and become an independent country.

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