Sunday , November 29 2020
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China pushes back on trade, wants more talks before signing a deal

Raymond James policy analyst Ed Mills discusses ‘phase one’ of the U.S.-China deal and trade negotiations going forward.

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  1. China is hoping that the Democrats will impeach President Trump. Then they can go back to their dirty dealings with the do-nothing Democrats!

  2. Phase1 begins irrespective of media upsets.

  3. If I were Americunts, I would just increase tariff to 200% , no, better to 1000% directly .

  4. The truth of a deal is always in the detail…. 🔎🔎🔎
    Looks like CAPTAIN HAIRPIN has lost here……

  5. A delayed tactics is used again. Do not trust the CCP.

  6. Never trust USA, a big bully. Devil wandering on earth.

  7. The never Trumpers are all talking down the trade deal, taking their cue from DNC

  8. Trump has lost the trade war with China.

  9. Xi already said it’s going to be a new LONG MARCH, 70 years ago, the red army almost lost the Cilvil war ,the long march help them to revive and eventually win it. Now he hope the new long march works same way and China will be top on US after the long march

  10. How did china force technology transfer? By kidnapping their daughters? It’s called exchange. 😂

  11. American can't win a trade talk because they generally have lower iq

  12. nothing is signed and official
    just talk talk talk

  13. I knew it. They just wanted to shaft him again for political points. Just like MSNBC and CNN, all China cares about is the US presidency.

  14. Chinese are COMUNIST…that is to say LIARS

  15. China's CCP cannot be trusted, and Trump knows that more than anyone that whispers in his ear.

  16. China is just jerking everyone off. They have no intention of moving forward just making President Trump look bad throughout and until after the election.

  17. I am speak to myself and never work to China CCP comment farm. I am a real USA person and Neil is talk shameful, love with the president of China is clear for all USA real people like me know China has golden heart, like the fresh dew of spring. Can it not be the truth???

  18. Xi didn't even mention this so called deal. He was busy negotiating with Nepal and India. Everyone in the American media talks like China is a capitalistic country. They are not they are communist their leaders do not have to get elected no pressure to make a deal with the USA. They are communist think about that they do not need to make a profit. There are no shareholders to answer to. Any private companies that complain the state will take over. They do not have the same ideals as the USA.

  19. Big head cavuto,follow in steps of Shepard Smith and get you anti Trump jerk

  20. The only reason they are buying pork is because swine flu has devastated their industry and it will take 5 years to get it back

  21. China 2019 = USSR 1989 … just wait & see (CCP PLA Theater will collaps soon as a fake business model from Bank of China)!

    Chinese are pround to develop Huawei criminal weapons against the Western World, without to be able to replace the Xi’ Jumbo Boeing B747/USA!

  22. two ways to deal with bullies wake away or bring more force.

  23. I guess all the big tech ….lord of the flies and news media can call out all the little bullies real or made up. but……….when the big big big bully "CHINA" bullies, the lord of the flies big tech and little bullies cower like little mice. At lest mice have their place, none of the others do.

  24. China is the no.1. You losers must admit it.

  25. I expected something to give in. China will not accept losing to a Western Country. Especially one that is a main reason in why China is where they're at in today's World Economy.

  26. Time to change my vote. Dumb Trump is going out. Pay back time.

  27. But Trump was saying yesterday that we had a deal? Another win?

  28. How about This! …. WATCH the U.S.A. Fat Xxxx Wiggles and Jiggles as The U.S.A. Turn and Walk Away! Bye!

  29. Let those comies burn in HELL Mr President !

  30. The orange idiot getting played like a cracked drum! He has no idea what he's doing.

  31. Trump….Putin….Kim….Xi, These people are International Criminals

  32. Tell Ivanka to give up all those trademarks she got in China, while working in the white house!!

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