Thursday , August 11 2022

China Responds To Pelosi's Taiwan Visit With Military Drills

China said Wednesday that it is conducting military drills in response to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

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  1. Idol threats by China. USA would destroy them



  4. Just military drills ?
    That is a pretty weak response from the Chinese leadership after so many warnings.
    At least seize the outlying Taiwanese islands.

    The Chinese leaders need to rethink their relationship with US and treat US as the enemy !
    Dump all US treasury notes and buy gold instead.
    And hasten the development of their third generation aircraft carriers and stealth bombers.
    And increase their nuclear arsenal to over 5000 and assume that US is not a rational adversary.

    It is a big mistake for China to assume that they are.

  5. Felicito a China por estas maniobras, estas en tu territorios.

  6. China and Xi will be a moron to madly possessed with invasion of Taiwan .. The very strength of China is its exports and major trading partners are US and West.. China already lost its credibility , lost trust and alternate global supply chains are been created.. So Xi moron China will only go down and further down if any adventure in Taiwan … G20 should sanction China and actually defend Taiwan .. If it fails to protect Taiwan then it means then West and US are failed nations to keep global order .. At any cost Taiwan has to be defended…How mean and cheap of China to flex its muscles against a tiny Taiwan .. shame ! Lost its credibility to be a global responsible leader ..

  7. USa has a force around the island to. China ain't scaring no one

  8. These drills only killed the fishes, crabs, squid and other marine animals when these pathetic communists fired missiles into the waters off Taiwan! That’s all they could fight

  9. America (the biggest manufacturer of weapons and arms) provokes China then will scapegoat China to say see 'those Chinese are aggressive' and they fired missiles over Taiwan. (In the meantime, they continue to sell weapons to Taiwan costing millions of dollars and watching whole Asia set on fire with war). Sick. The most disgusting thing is Western media never points out the hypocrisy of US. E.g when their founding fathers started US, they wrote in their Constitution that ' we hold this to be self-evident that all men are created equal', US already owned and exploited slaves, sold human cargo XD and Thomas Jefferson even fathered kids with his slaves (illegitimate kids). So much for their democracy agenda. What a shame Pelosi did this trip and say democracy, the whole country's politic is a sham and she did this to cover up her husband's dirty business, among other things. Yuck America, after illegal war in Iraq and violating Afghanistan you come to Asia to spill Asian blood and peace.

  10. With all this bombing were gonna crack the Earth someday!

  11. China must be scared 😱

  12. China want non-interference, peace and stability and all their actions are to prevent interference. US only has to stay away and not interfere and all will be fine. It seems to be Washington alone wants war, not only with China but with many other regions around the world, and with the media management other western powers follow the same narrative as trumpeting and yearning for war.

  13. Sooner or later, the United States will end up fighting a war by proxy for Taiwan, which is going to cost thousands and thousands of lives of American soldiers. Thanks to the careless and stupid actions of US politicians.

  14. The jets are US knock offs made from substandard materials and built with child labor. Flown by former rickshaw pullers.

  15. The Taiwan issue is an internal Chinese issue, other countries should not care, and all the people of Taiwan do not like Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, Pelosi herself has the cheek to go to Taiwan herself, but the people of Taiwan do not welcome her.

  16. You are welcomed to enjoy the fireworks. No need to thank China, thank the old granny.

  17. "People unwilling to die for freedom are destined to lose it." (Corollary: Americans willing to die for freedom are certainly willing to take a billion Chinese Communists with them.)

  18. I live in Taiwan
    Taiwan is NOT Ukraine!!!
    Yankee go home !
    Where there is America,
    there is war !
    Where there is America,
    there are refugees !!!

  19. In America's tongue: this is just normally military drill, Taiwan has no reasons to be offended, and if Taiwan takes any counter measure, it's totally Taiwan's fault for raising regional tensions.

  20. Best solution is to sell 4 B1b bombers to Taiwan. Keep 2 in Guam and 2 in Okinawa. Arm them each with nuclear cruise missiles. That will solve the problem. To mitigate this, China will be forced to nuke Okinawa or Guam…which they may think twice

  21. Plastic Pelosi trip required EIGHT F-15 escorts at the cost of $90 million dollars of TAXPAYERS MONEY….and for WHAT?? So she can secure her husband ILLEGAL INSIDER TRADINGS and her own EGO??

  22. 🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳❤❤❤❤🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰

  23. Yankee go home !
    Where there is America,
    there is war !
    Where there is America,
    there are refugees !!!

  24. We have seen #Putin.. We are seeing #XiJinping.. Who's Next?

  25. Is this the best they can do? They are cowards

  26. China Russia and United States going to end human Civilisation mark my words and before it all ends India will say its USA and Europes fault. This world consists of mainly pshygopaths.

  27. I love rusian and china from india 💓💓

  28. China ain't going to do nothing. They're chicken, they're just as scared of Nancy Pelosi as Americans are nobody's going to do nothing about Nancy Pelosi. She robs the country always crooked dealing. She runs the country she always has.

  29. China: Taiwan is ours . We are one people.
    Taiwan: we are a sovereign nation.
    China: ok, we’ll threaten to bomb the fk out of you so youll want to be ours even more than now