Wednesday , May 5 2021
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China tariffs could rise in December, Mnuchin warns

WSJ associate editor and FOX News contributor John Bussey joins FOX Business to talk about China tariffs and how the ‘deal’ President Trump said we have has led us back to where we were before the tariff war began.

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  1. The “Make America Great Again” is a brand name for a “populist movement” or business model that is looking out for the interest of the USA by rebuilding the U.S. middle-class by replacing multilateral trade agreements with bilateral trade agreements. President George H.W. Bush introduction of the "New World Order" and President Bill Clintons "NAFTA" are “Globalist” business models. Ross Perot (who ran against GHW Bush and B Clinton) said the USA would here a "giant sucking sound" of jobs leaving the USA if we got into NAFTA and other multilateral trade agreements. Perot was right. The trade practices from the 1990’s to 2016 created US trade deficits (“sucking sound”) and it hurt the U.S. middle-class. Donald Trump is supporting a business model that is looking out for the interest of the USA by rebuilding the U.S. middle-class by replacing multilateral trade agreements with bilateral trade agreements; balancing USA trade deficits; creating incentives for companies to operate in the USA that will create higher paying jobs for US citizens. The two different business models will always put the Anti-Trump movement (globalist) at odds with Donald Trump’s MAGA (populist) movement. Vote Trump 2020

  2. Delaying tactics from China.

  3. Good bankrupt China they earned it . The people want our money back .

  4. The Chinese president is Winnie the Pooh

  5. They need more wineing and dineing! Before you get the deal! Yeah!

  6. A lot of delusional and butthurt Americans in the comment section. China doesnt need the US as it used to.

  7. So no great deal ? America has no clue

  8. That means YOU pay more for products. Even you trumptards

  9. Krugman, et al. didn't "make a mistake". They knew what was happening and didnt' care or worse.

  10. Nothing will be done in trade deal unless compromise one another ….u can't force one party what u want rather compromise one another

  11. Don't trust China! China is @$$hole!

  12. Fantastic news more tariffs towards the communist government of China, excellent news 👍👍👍

  13. Waste of time making a trade deal with communist china,pass the USMCA it is the biggest and a lot better trade deal.

  14. Good. De-couple from China. No treaty, no deal with China. China's government are intrusive, subversives, no – insurrectionists- acting in bad faith. Period.

    Refuse to buy or respect Chinese, whom do NOT respect you nor your rights of any kind. China needs to to be reminded about loss.

  15. Its not China's tariffs, its Trump taxing us

  16. If they back out end all trade with China. Then see what happens

  17. Bussey weak on China, get Kyle Bass.

  18. Guest is lying. Left out financials and banking.

  19. Whatever happened to the EMERGENCY ACT or EXECUTIVE ACT POTUS has the right to work with to literally WIPE CLEAN this trade deal and ACTUALLY START FRESH!!!!!!

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