Sunday , August 1 2021
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China would be foolish to use its military to stop protests: Kennedy

FOX Business’ Kennedy on the massive protests in Hong Kong.

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  1. “Freest city in The world”???
    I’m sorry what?

  2. young HKers are disgraceful, UK took them from China, humiliated their ancestors, colonized them, and now they think they're British. What a joke! support Chinese government crackdown on these ungrateful idiots from the US!

  3. The SS is waiting on the outskirts of Hong Kong.

  4. Say it again, they are not real protesters, they are rioters. They attacked and beat the tourists.

  5. Crackdown like how LA riot was put down.
    This is pro violence, not pro democracy movement.

  6. 1) Make it impossible for violent protesters to find employment in Hong Kong by sanctioning or penalizing companies that employ them. Those who care about their career future will quietly back down. 2) Expose their leaders financials and lifestyle, so people will realize they are shedding blood while their leaders are getting paid handsomely.

  7. We( USA) are the only world-terrorist organization- " Country "

  8. "When the people fear its government, it is Tyranny ;when the government fears its people, it is Liberty!"

  9. What is she so happy about so weird so unprofessional if it was her country wonder would she be like this???

  10. Remember Reagan. The Evil Empire? If Fox doesn't draw a line in the sand, and stand up for China; then the Right will end it's relevance.

  11. If China wants to win, it should rebuild itself in Hong Kong’s image and become our greatest ally and trading partner. That would be an amazing world…..

  12. why use the word foolish by fox.protester just ruin their future

  13. You are foolish meddling with China’s internal affair

  14. Just by looking at what is happening in HK, then we can envision if any countries execute socialism or Communism, they will be like Hong Kong. The Chinese CCP will beat you up to shut you up, they couldn't care less about human rights. Plus they frame those peaceful protestors for sabotaging public property. Shame on the Chinese CCP.

  15. Give Antifa one way tickets to help out.

  16. Xi doesn't care what Fox and their experts think.

  17. The smartest thing would be to crush it brutally. Anyone remember "Tiananmen square". Nothing happened. Shock, outrage but don't jeapordise the $$. America should fortify Taiwan if they do, but will they?

  18. Best Seller 2020: How to lose game with a set of good cards — by Genius T.

  19. Who is that she/man in the red dress?

  20. War between Civilized and barbarian
    Beijing Shanghai all china cities no internet not open to outside world
    How great ! U said u are great! 👎

  21. If some protesters do the same to LA airport or New York Airport, Trump won’t wait a second to stop them and FOX without a doubt would support Trump as they should but when it comes to China they say different things. What a joke

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