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China’s anniversary and a pink Eiffel Tower: World in Photos, Oct. 2

A look at the top photos from around the globe.


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  1. 5 Demands in Hong Kong

    1. Don't extradite our criminals.

    2. Change the definition of riot.

    3. Release criminals.

    4. Charge police for actions against criminals.

    5. Allow criminals to vote.

    Sounds like democracy.


  3. China is not now nor has it ever been a model for individual human rights, yet joe biden takes millions in cash out of china when he was VP and the uranalist media ignore investigation

  4. China is the new n@zi power of the world.

  5. The Chinese have a lot to celebrate!

    They've no reason to fear the U.S. anymore.

  6. Tomorrow they take Hong Kong. Then onward to invade and subdue the violent 3rd world city of Los Angeles.

  7. I think abc glossed over the Hong Kong protests! Showing a lady with an umbrella and a Love sign. How about the images that could have been shown of police shooting protesters with live ammo, etc? That would have been more poignant! 😒😑

  8. China it should be interesting how this works out , Obama made it so we owe them a lot and let’s not forget killary worked with them so crooked it’s scary

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