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China’s Uighur Crisis: When Muslims Are Abused, The World Turns A Blind Eye | Think | NBC News

An estimated 1 million Muslim Uighurs are currently detained in brutal detention camps in China’s Xinjiang region. Human rights lawyer Arsalan Iftikhar joined THINK to discuss the world’s tepid response to a massive humanitarian crisis.
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China’s Uighur Crisis: When Muslims Are Abused, The World Turns A Blind Eye | Think | NBC News


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  1. They're being nice to them compared to how they did the Fulon-Gong. That or maybe they are cutting them open alive for their organs. Who knows?

  2. "When Muslims Are Abused, The World Turns A Blind Eye"

    What are other muslim majority countries doing to support them? 😉

    Oh and it isn't that the world ignores them because they are muslim, but because china is the cause. Bad title, worse video.

  3. Where is Turkey in all of this Why they don't help their people??

  4. Peace upon you. Lets help our muslim family there or anywhere with doing shop on Muslims groceries. That is our power right now. If we can't do others.

  5. He raised valid concerns. Too bad he politicized it to hit on Trump, expected from liberal media

  6. Dont scroll through the comments they are literal cancer

  7. China knows how to treat its mohammedans.

  8. Lmao “ the world turns a blind eye” pfft… as if

  9. It is what it is. If you're a Muslim and you happened live there just f learn Chinese and embarrass communism. It's that simple. Communism isn't that bad afterall.

  10. China doing very good we support China and do this kiends of activity in kashamir

  11. Let the Muslim people immigrant to UK, It shows British very welcome, British blames China, so, issue UK passports to Muslim, give their kids UK citizen identity.Let them make some Boom in london, let them diamantle church and establish mosque in UK USA and Eurp. Let them pray and make traffic jam in street. Don't just report it and blame China, give them human rights as UK wish. Let British becomes Britistan, then, US and UK guys satisfied.

  12. If China hate Islam, why it promise to protect Islam Holy City forever. If USA love Islam, why its the only nation in the world that admit the illegal occupation of Holy City?
    Your American Pigs, especially American Fake-Muslims should know how funny you are.

  13. If China hate Islam, why it promise to protect Islam Holy City forever. If USA love Islam, why its the only nation in the world that admit the illegal occupation of Holy City?
    Your American Pigs, especially American Fake-Muslims should know how funny you are.

  14. If China hate Islam, why it gives Nuclear tech to Iran?

  15. Muslims should lead a peaceful condemnation of these acts so with abused experience by Rohingyan muslims, poverty & war on middle east. Don't get me wrong; we all need to condemn any injustice & abused but I want to see as 2nd largest religion of the world to have organised charitable foundation to look & give a hand into the victims of injustices & abused, specially to their fellow siblings of faith.

  16. Fascist China. Boycott made in Chinese products.

  17. The Criminal Chinese Communist Party leaders are Murdering Monsters.
    The world doesn't care.

  18. Ha and your point American MSM? Like America hasn't killed more Muslims and bombed more countries without shame or remorse. Thumbs down for this dribble CNN.

  19. Thank you guys for remindding and giving an attention to this.. may God(Alloh) bless you guys…

  20. Great work China. Those Uighur won't be committing any more atrocities in Syria's Idlib province against the Christian minorities.

  21. Strange how nobody knows that JESUS is Islams 3 biggest prophet , is mother Mary is the 2nd , they just call Jesus ISA the son of Maryam ..funny how stupid Americans and Europeans really are

  22. Same thing can be said of the Palestinians. When…happens…turns a blind eye.. this seems like propaganda to justify the military complex syndrome?

    War is a failed experiment responsible for Producing destruction alongside Multitudes of Social and Psychological illnesses. The Middle East is the source of war and the causes of it needs to be found and eliminated. Just look at the influence from their cultures around the world. Most cultural borders of Islam are in hostile conflict and every nation influenced by Israel is corrupted and polluted. Self segregation + intolerance and fear produce…racism, terrorism, classism, along with dominance, intolerance, arrogance.

    The Books are written as predictive programming with battle plans and war journals. How to destroy has already been displayed by the hand they offer. They move out of fear and paranoia. Source all these conflicts and you will see where they start ideologically. The great example of how emotion intention and belief effect a reality. Is it not time to return to balance and harmony. No matter how times the world resets or starts again the pollution always starts from within.

    We are beings of creation so those who are creating and teaching this intolerance and hatred need to reset there beliefs and become followers of the way of peace. No veils just honesty and discipline. If they cannot humble themselves then they are of the “or what” crowd and that means no solution with them in the equation. Hard truths but when you see destruction being reflect under veiled peace + the simultaneous extinction of nature certain things awaken. Lives are taken the spirit is shaken and chance is given but an innocent heart is needed within. who are you? Do you see the call? Can it be true? Do you doubt you? Isn’t time to realize whats inside is alive?

  23. Honestly Muslim faith not the best, I cannot tolerate a faith/ cult where women are NOTHING!

  24. yeah muslims killing khafars (non Muslim) in soudi Areb, Afghanistan, yeman,…etc in the name of allah. islam a
    is liers and evil ideology

  25. Why is it the us responsibility to stand up for Muslims, where is all the Muslim nations? Why arn't they standing up? China ia China they went there knowing it was a comunnist country nobody has the right to tell Any country how to run it. It is very sad how China handles people of faith so I have a solution if you are not ready to make the sacrifice to share your faith DON'T GO THERE

  26. Good for china. My hats off to them. Stamp this infection out now…along with these stupid christians.

  27. We know something happened, we just don't know what.

  28. Communist China is infamous for re-education camp's. Why the sudden concern by the media? Religious beliefs have never been tolerated by the communist party, and nothing can change that.

  29. What China is doing is inhumane

  30. How about send 10 millions to any counties that like to accept them.

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