China’s Xi Jinping meets Putin in Moscow

The three-day summit is President Xi Jinping’s first visit to the country since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began. WATCH THE FULL EPISODES OF WORLD NEWS TONIGHT: WATCH THE WORLD NEWS TONIGHT ON HULU: #worldnewstonight #abcnews #china #xijinping #vladimirputin #russia

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Bank collapsing crisis just for NATO countries. China and Russia get toguether to celebrate?

  2. Russia has to be a little more aware of the Xi Jinping visit. The unexpected can happen at any time, so it's better to have played it safe than to later regret it.

  3. How the hell is the White House gonna say “don’t supply Ukraine” to China when we jumped in this mess that was none of our business from the start.. the USA is basically slaughtering Ukrainians (that aren’t innocent but still) by prolonging this war. If the USA minded their business we wouldn’t be on the verge of world war 3 and Putin woulda taken over Ukraine by now.

  4. These two actually aren’t bad people. They are both strong leaders unlike what the USA has currently.. the Western propaganda always demonizes their enemy and plays innocent through media manipulation

  5. That poncy English commentator.💩

  6. Biden actually sounds intelligent answering questions.

  7. Pinky and The Brain 😲

  8. Come from China with peace.

  9. This report is a western narrative of the visit. Be diplomatic about it. Show what is actually going on.

  10. Sleepy Joe looks creepy as well.

  11. The US, the UK, and the West are jealous of China a lot.

    Putin is about to cry, and Xi Jinping reveals his true feelings. Heroes meet heroes. When everyone abandons you, how precious is this backing? China is a friend of ordinary people. China treats friends wholeheartedly. China is an envoy of peace. It is a country of Confucian benevolent government. The country is built in accordance with the ideas of Confucius. China does not seek hegemony. Take care of the marginal people, and achieve equality between the rich and powerful. Have friends come from afar? China-Russia cooperation is open and aboveboard, open and honest, benefits the country and the people, benefits the future generations of the two peoples, makes important contributions to maintaining world peace and security, and is also a blessing to the people of the world.

    God bless China because Blessed is Peace Maker.


  13. Piglet, the war criminal, is so desperate to call on Pooh Bear for a rescue. Want to help them to kill more Ukrainians ? Buy Russian oil. Want to destroy your country ? Buy FAKE IN CHINA.

  14. Hummm…"dear friends" and "friends with no limits"…but wait a minute….. Oh….Sorry we China decided to vote abstained on a UN Security Council draft resolution telling Moscow to stop attacking Ukraine and withdraw all troops immediately. Unlike our others puppets: Belarus, North Korea, Eritrea, Syria who voted against the draft. Perhaps we are not what said we were "dear friends" and "friends with no limits" or perhaps we just let our puppets do the dirty works for us, so we can be the good guy. We are definitely not "DOUBLE STANDARD" as we always comment on others "double standard". Now this is a true load of crap from the Beijing Old Foxes (BOF)

  15. Nobody cares what White House has to say.

  16. The american regime is the leading state sponsor of terror Organisers of clandestine activity conducts long range reconnaissance missions targeted killings assassination's aiding and abetting exports weapons of mass destruction fuels conflicts across the world far as Middle East and supports terrorist proxies militants safe haven of Hezbollah Hamas the Taliban and al Qaeda

  17. So eine schlechte Journalisten Arbeit hab ich noch nie erfahren dürfen! ❤ danke dafür!

  18. What an absolutely STUPID segment this was.

  19. The whole world is laughing at the self-propelled grandfather Biden

  20. China, as usual, supports everyone and no one at the same time. They have their benefit and do what they want. It is good that they do not help Russia, but I am sure that such "friendship" will be punishable for them.

  21. they hope that China will somehow help them, and China hopes to be able to take something from them and use them. So much for "friendship."

  22. Putin understands that Russia is now in a very bad situation, has no reliable partners, is weak economically, and suffers from a lack of weapons due to the conflict in Ukraine, now is the time to help Ukraine strike a crushing blow and regain its territories.

  23. Putin is a coward as he shoots and missiles into apartment buildings hospitals schools killing mothers, fathers, Brothers, sisters, and children. Everyone in Russia should know this. And there needs to be an intervention on this horrible person!

  24. Axis of evil back at it

  25. China loves that russia is taking over ukraine because its perfect for them to watch what its going to look like when they do the same to Taiwan. Money is no object PERIOD. Its about power land and influence DUH. Not just here in the US but but most other countries of the world are about to go thru a financial switch slash reset. What better time to start WARS and offer citizens food and certainty of normalcy during a devastating time to come.(next 6 months will be all about recruitment)

    DONT BELIEVE ME?? Just wait…………

  26. Gum and teeth shivers without one another as Chinese saying goes.

    Chinese knew if they let Russian collapse, they would be next on the target. Gum has to cling to teeth, just as teeth needs gum, otherwise they suffer.

  27. The "two most powerful autocrats in the world"?! 🤣🤣🤣 You guys are definitely RETARDS! 😂

  28. Bravo China, trying for peace

  29. Joe Biden worst president in United States history. How about step up and do something to help end the war. I'm not in the mood for world war 3

  30. In order to prevent the conflict from escalating, it is necessary to isolate Russia from the civilized world. We have a duty to provide support to Ukraine in any way possible. The Ukrainian Armed Forces must be aided in defending their country and its people. Peace can only be achieved if Russia is defeated.

  31. Xi und Putin Schwule Basstarde

  32. I mean, China does its own slaughtering of innocents on its own with ethnic cleansing and concentrqntion camps. I don't think they're too worried if they help someone else do it too.

  33. I didn't know Xi spoke English.

  34. Я лишь мессия. Больше ничё нет! Я спасаю и правлю, уже.

  35. Who's that slobbering grandpa talking?
    Oh that's right, that's our guy.