China’s Xi to visit Russia next week, foreign ministry says

China’s foreign minister has announced that President Xi Jinping will travel to Russia for a three-day visit starting Monday.

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  1. China 🇨🇳 and Russia 🇷🇺 Stronger Together 💪☯️

  2. Don't support Russia China
    Don't buy from Chinese owned companies
    Don't buy Chinese products

  3. Stay strong and proud Brothers and sisters of the Russian Slavic raise the brothers and sisters of Africa and South Africa on with you the brothers and sisters of India on with you the brothers and sisters of Asia and the angel race on with you the brothers and sisters of the people of color on with you proud strong you Russian Slavic race standing up against the white man the white racist man the white Western supremacist European Union colonialist the white man and against the white man in the White House the white man the white European American president KKK white man

  4. 📌📌China-Russia, will sign "a joint statement on deepening relations of comprehensive partnership and strategic relationship entering a new era," Kremlin diplomatic adviser Yuri Ushakov was quoted by Russian news agencies as saying.

    Faced with this unfriendly gesture towards Westerners, we must buy from China for exactly the same amount as China buys from us.

    📌📌Chine & Russie vont signer «une déclaration commune sur l'approfondissement des relations de partenariat exhaustif et de relation stratégique entrant dans une nouvelle ère», a déclaré le conseiller diplomatique du Kremlin, Iouri Ouchakov, cité par les agences de presse russes

    Face à ce geste inamicale vis à vis des Occidentaux , nous devons acheter à la Chine pour exactement le même montant que la Chine nous achète.

    Best regards from France & Canada.

  5. Oh great. Two villains together.

  6. Which only proves again, neither Russia, or China are fit for the US to trade with. It's time to isolate both countries, they have proven themselves to be adversaries and should only have a limited contact thru one embassy in the US. All other nationals of both counties should be given the boot.

  7. A peace deal is unacceptable. Lockheed martin, Boeing, Raytheon all need bigger war to boost the profit. Just hope CIA try their best to stop it and make America great again

  8. japan will retake the kurils sakhalin and vladivostok south korea will take north korea.

  9. Terrorist is visiting another terrorist

  10. China is standing with Putin who has now been charged with war crimes and genocide by the International Court. Not surprising since China has committed genocide against some of their own citizens.

  11. JFK: No war is endless! The earlier to negotiate truce, the more people's life will be saved!

  12. While Xi is visiting Russia, he asked Putin if he could spend some time reminiscing in Vladivostok and examining the topography in detail of Russia's eastern borders!….

  13. Leader of china making more progress for diplomacy than all of the wests leaders combined 💯

  14. Is Hunter Biden going with Xi ?

  15. Should be "China President Xi to visit Russia and meet with Putin to confront the US threat"

  16. Xi Jinping is a lot like Putin. Except he's a strong leader, not weak like Putin.

    But why is Xi even meeting with Putin the War Criminal?

  17. He may want to postpone his visit….mr.putin has a warrant out for his arrest

  18. Communist Nazis mafia Republicans supporters

  19. Give peace a chance!

  20. Does Xi knows that there's an arrest warrant out for the war criminal Putin by the ICC?
    So Xi is going to side with a CRIMINAL? How embarrassing. SHAMELESS!

  21. BRICS are the new World Leaders
    Woke America will die with hyperinflation
    The cost of a cart of groceries or a tank of gas is skyrocketing
    The Fed better print million dollar bills
    we gonna need'em

  22. Good job Joey 🙄🙄🙄

  23. We all see where this is leaving and you all know it never would have happened with Trump so remember that

  24. they’re gonna whack their little puds together.

  25. Putin has already crippled Russia’s economy. And he will cripple China’s economy too — if Xi Jinping lets him.

  26. Karma always works. Both of these evil psychopaths will suffer gruesome deaths and their bloodlines will go extinct. Amen.

  27. China is a dictatorship just like Russia.The Big corporations should realize that sending production to China to keep their profits high. come at the price of loosing freedom and democracy. It is time to order big companies to bring their production back to their countries, it is humiliating that every single thing we use and consume has to be produced by the tyranny of dictators and the tyranny of big corporations.

  28. Russia must win – Greetings from China.❤

  29. To be fair, everyone was visiting Ukraine which left Russia all alone. Then Xi Jinping decides to visit Russia as their only friend. What a legend!

    Jk, Russia is the aggressor and it'll be held responsible for its crimes against humanity!

  30. Biden and Stoltenberg are the two main culprits that have pushed the world into the current war. Trump should rely on Biden's confusion, delusion, forgetfulness, insensitivity, enmity with Putin, support for NATO's aggressive invasion to the east continuously… put the US and the whole world to the danger of annihilation, nuclear conflict, civilization destruction, wreaked havoc on the global economy. The great Russia/NATO war that Reagan, Jhonson, Nixon, Kissinger, and even Trump… have avoided for 70 years successfully. Bring him to court, impeach the president, and demand early elections. Return peace to the World

  31. Omg. Visiting a friend is a breaking news. 😅😅😅

  32. Brazil president Lula DaSilva will visit Xi Jinping to fortify the BRICS and MERCOSUR

  33. Two weak leaders who wish their poor countries were as powerful as the US 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  34. 0:30 – 2 clowns in badly fitted suits.