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Home / Sports / Chris Broussard: Patrick Ewing is 'one of the top 10 centers of all time' | FOX SPORTS

Chris Broussard: Patrick Ewing is 'one of the top 10 centers of all time' | FOX SPORTS

Chris Broussard shares why you kids just don’t know how good Knicks legend Patrick Ewing was.

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Chris Broussard: Patrick Ewing is ‘one of the top 10 centers of all time’ | FOX SPORTS

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  1. Where would you rank Patrick Ewing among the all-time great players?

  2. His last years weren't gre a t

  3. We've been known how GREAT Ewing was. He just played in an era of too many greats

  4. Chris Broussard doesnt know basketball , when he talks he parades his ignorance. Ewing is top 4. Wilt , Shaq , n Hakeem were d only centers better than Ewing . Ewing played during d toughest era of basketball n in the toughest market , NY . So Chris , class is in session, let me school u !!

  5. It’s only like 10 🤣

  6. I would put Patrick Ewing at about 7 or 8 behind David Robinson.

  7. I totally agree…and I'm a Celtics fan

  8. Pat is better than Dwight!

  9. My favorite player of all-time.

  10. This reminds me of Sean David's BASKETBALL TIME MACHINE ( bmt)

  11. Been trying to get me some Patrick Ewing sneakers for a while now sigh

  12. Wow really going out on a limb with that statement…….

  13. So Patrick is forgiven that missed finger role… time was running out…

  14. Wilt. Kareem. Bill. Shaq. Hakeem. Moses. Robinson. Mikan. Cowens. Reed. Are we sure he’s top 10?

  15. "So after the screwin'
    I bust a nut and get up and put on my white Ewings" The great Ice Cubicles

  16. Yeah Patrick is top ten !!!! And this just in the sky is blue…

  17. I thought my mind was made up that Pat Ewing was a very good big man who wasn't quite good enough to lead his Knicks to a title. But after watching a lot more footage of him in his prime recently, I needed to revise my opinion. Prime Pat Ewing before his knees began to give out on him, was an all-time great center on BOTH ends of the court. from 1988-1994, he was possibly the best center in the NBA (Olajuwan and David Robinson would be the only other choices. Maybe Shaq at that point in his very young career) He took prime if not peak Jordan to 7 games in 92 and was within a John Starks blocked last second shot by Olajuwan from possibly leading the Knicks to a championship in 94. He wins that Title and he probably goes down as the best center of the 90's over Hakeem and the 2nd best overall player of the 90's instead of Hakeem. Patrick Ewing is underrated and under appreciated.

  18. Won’t even watch the video. Just saw the title. Obviously he’s a top 10 center…best player ever out of Cambridge/Boston; best player ever out of Georgetown (AI being 1A or 2); changed the fortune of the Knicks, Perennial All star and championship contender, dream teamer, monster at both ends of the floor; sweet 15-20 foot jumper etc etc. Prime Pat (with the advance in medicine for his knees) would be a force to reckon with even in today’s league.

  19. Patrick could’ve kept Bernard king is his prime but Knicks failed him on that

  20. Ewing NEVER had help the best he had was john starks but he came up small in big games & jordan didnt keep him from a nba championship the Dream did ( he lost in 7 to dream houston rockets)

  21. Top 12 centers
    1. Hakeem Abdul Olajuwon
    2. Shaquille Rashaun O'neal
    3. Wilton Norman Chamberlain
    4. Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Jr.
    5. William Felton Russell
    6. Moses Eugene Malone
    7. David Maurice Robinson
    8. Patrick Aloysius Ewing
    9. Alonzo Harding Mourning Jr.
    10. Dwight David Howard II
    11. Dikembe Mutombo Mpolondo Mukamba Jean-Jacques Wamutombo
    12. Robert Lee Parish

  22. What an era for Centers Ewing, Hakeem, Robinson, Shaq, Zo, Mutumbo. Just behind them Smits, Daugherty, Duckworth all All Stars too.

    Wherever order you rank them Ewing is right there with the GOAT centers. Don't hold the lack of ring against him. Jordan shut everyone out and his 2nd best player was Starks. (For the kids out there Starks compares to an Evan Fourier level player but with Lance volatility)

  23. Ewing had a nice game and just ran into Jordan in college and the pros. If he had the LeBron/Durant mentality of today he would have easily won a championship joining the Bulls or Pistons in the 90's. See how weak the game is today with that if you can't beat them join them trend that LeBron started?

  24. Its fun for people to see how GREAT the 90's were in just about EVERYTHING.

  25. Ewing was alright……he was so so……

  26. “A heck of a twin towers partner”

  27. Thank you so much Chris! Ginobili and Parker getting some respect! Go! Spurs! Go!!!’

  28. I was high school when Ewing went to the league. I'll never forget the t-shirt under the jersey. I don't know if he was the first but he started a trend and made it Iconic!!

  29. My first pair of name brand basketball shoes were those Ewing’s they were dope

  30. Patrick Ewing was an elite player and a knick legend

  31. Ewing had no all stars ? Starks and Oakley were all stars in 1994, show me all stars in 1994 Rockets.

  32. Yes put some respect on MR. EWING'S NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!

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