Chris Christie ‘can’t imagine’ voting for Biden in 2024: ‘I’ll wait to see the complete field’

Former Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.) exclusively talks about who he’ll support for president as he refuses to support GOP front-runner Donald Trump.

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  1. dang Chris christie, wanted my return. not saying my starts up though

  2. I blame the media for the political environment because they continue to allow liars like Christie a platform.

  3. Let's see what Chris Christie has been doing to Trump's presidential run so far:

    1) He got out of the race in New Hampshire, but on his way out, he pointed out that Nikki Haley had no chance of beating Trump on a 'hot mic' he "didn't know" was turned on.

    2) On Meet the Press, he acknowledged that the Special Counsel's report doesn't absolve Biden of wrongdoing. While this may be accurate about the report, Trump might seize it as a PR win for him. In reality, the report is even more scathing about Trump—however, due to saturation-media coverage of the criminal charges against Trump, the report's criticism of him doesn't have the same bite against him as it does Biden.

    3) He also stated on Meet the Press that he still "has many agreements" with Trump, while he shares none with Biden. By doing so, he has taken some sting away from his criticism of Trump about "his character."

  4. If Chris Christie won't vote for Trump and he won't vote for Biden either, is he then not voting at all? Maybe he will vote for a third-party runner, but I can't think of any running right now whom Chris would vote for. I can't picture him voting for Cornel West, for example. However, he did hint at the possibility of a third party joining the presidential run — maybe he's waiting for this non-existent third runner. He didn't rule himself out as a possible third runner, but it's hard to imagine him doing better than the two aging runners. Despite making his campaign about "going after Trump," he didn't get too far in the GOP contest. Perhaps he was alluding to the so-called "No Labels Party" as a possible newcomer to the presidential race that will win his vote.🤔

  5. Christie is like Romney- a chameleon.

  6. Chris Krispykreme cant imagine passing by a buffet and not stopping.
    This sellout RINO should go away and do something productive….like join Weight Watchers.

  7. Yeah, he’ll vote for the same guy he was railing about during the campaign because Chris Christie is a man of low morals and absolutely no conviction!

  8. We as Trump supporters DON'T WANT YOU

  9. Come on. Give me a break. Christie is still on the wrong side of things.

  10. Chris Christie still to this day, never had taken the blame for Bridge Gate, he placed millions of innocent lives in danger and he knew it. You can never trust that kind of person no matter what he says.

  11. Says the guy that dropped out of the race basically off the line 😂

  12. CC – go home and have another BOX OF DONUTS. NO ONE is
    Istening to your sour grapes WHINING.

  13. Omg …just go away. 🙄

  14. YES…"two really bad choices". Well said Christie…!

  15. I cant stand either of these 2 Bubbleheads

  16. Biden is Old WEAK and FRAGILE, Dems Get Ready for A Kingdom Coming!

  17. At his weight I'm pretty sure he has to have somebody else wipe his bottom

  18. Anyone that would pick Trump or none of the above above Biden at this point in our history is a loser

  19. I bet in a few months he will endorse Trump.

  20. I'm a democratic supporter, but i have a lot of respect for chris christie. Hes one of the only republicans who had the balls to call out trump and tell the truth about him. He also answers questions directly which is something most politicians have an issue with doing

  21. Just go to the buffet Chris and fill your pie hole, nobody gives a crap about your opinion

  22. Who cares who he votes for, it is his choice.

  23. Chris Christie is a loser. He had scandals when he was governor of NJ, wasn’t loyal enough to Trump so he was booted from that camp, tried running for POTUS and failed spectacularly and now desperately trying to stay relevant.

  24. Sour grapes.Get over Trump Christie.🙄

  25. Trump has emasculated every male in the republican party. Most people are aware of this. The only one's left with any balls are the women.

  26. Now time for Christy to zip it? When did you want tRump to win ? WTH? Traitor

  27. I take everything this man says with a grain of salt…. he is all over the place with his talking points… and I dont think he has any idea where he stands for anything

  28. Christie is all about Christie.

  29. I kind of liked him🙄,sometimes its first country than believes Govenour

  30. You never know laughed at the following candidates a ex hick farmer from Missouri, Harry Truman ha ha, a peanut farmer from Georgia, Ha ha,Jimmy Carter, a young black man from Illinois named Barack Obama ha ha, a reality star Donald Trump massive laughter. Now RFK 2024 save the laughter !

  31. In other words :
    " If Kennedy makes the ballot I'll be voting for him "

    Just like me and all the other people with an IQ over 75.

  32. Neither Trump nor Biden are fit for the position. Two really bad choices for America, period.

  33. Who cares about Christie❤❤❤❤

  34. Just like the American people did not vote for him. He is a wacko.

  35. So he is saying he will not be voting if you want to save time

  36. Christie should just make it official and move to the democrat party and take Liz Cheny and Adam Kinzinger with him.

  37. Let question why you have two choices ? You have choices actually. There is a third party candidate. You can choose

  38. Nobody could imagine voting for Him… that's why he's not running anymore.

  39. Biden has sealed his fate as a one term president 🥴