Chris Christie predicts ‘huge personnel problem’ if Trump is reelected to ‘vendetta presidency’

Former Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie, in an exclusive new interview with ABC News about a month after he suspended his 2024 campaign, warned that if Donald Trump is reelected, his White House will face a “huge personnel problem” during a “vendetta presidency.”

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Why give him any voice. He doesn’t know what Regan would say. If he wants to keep the country together, then he needs to join the GOP and support it. He doesn’t have support for a reason….jerk

  2. The Republican Party is dead. It was murdered by Conald Trump. Rust In Piss…….

  3. I see a path to 270 for Christie. Lose 10 pounds.

  4. Christie couldn't predict thunder, after seeing lightning.

  5. So who listens to Chris Christie? He’s just looking for a Job or a paycheck where ever he can get paid.

  6. Reagan would have recognized the Republican party as the logical endpoint of his destructive and undemocratic policies, and the Democrats as his more reluctant heirs

  7. ABC is A Clown Service interviewing a Clown. They lied to the country about Russian Colusion, Covid, Hunters lap top and many other things. Not for days, weeks, months, but years.
    With no apologies. They should have NO viewership.

  8. CC is a chump and always has been. "Has been" being the operative phrase.

  9. What an honest, straightforward man. So sad that his party doesn’t respect him.

  10. So…why aren't those nations not paying their share?
    Serious question.

  11. Christie is a Democratic operative.

  12. Trump all the way he will be president again nomatter what the left invent on him he is real and will keep it real in office

  13. He says he likes president Biden mi God 🙏

  14. Donald trump will be president again nomatter what comes out of your mouth

  15. Chris Chritie is a political has been. A slob and a self-serving hack. I will vote for a rock before I'd ever vote for him. Both of these in this interview are full of themselves

  16. Nothing wrong with Trump you are the problem you don't and can't except that he beat your Ass

  17. "What would Reagan do?" Really?!? Reagan lit the match that lead us to Donald Trump!

  18. You’re nothing but a quitter if you really wanted to be president you’d fight for it I am so disappointed in you

  19. Too faced turncoat nobody’s a felon yet you’re one of the problems not one of the answers you don’t have a chance for the presidency because you’re not a fighter you’re a quitter

  20. Trump is the one to stop NWO☝🏾

  21. None of us are as sharp as we once was

  22. Does christie predict a huge immigrant influx on a Biden second term? Or a 4th war? And 5th?

  23. Today tomorrow two years from now Biden would will beat any republican, who face him!

  24. Oh this country is fucked!!! Either way old Joe or Trump

  25. Trump does what is best for the nation. You have seen him hug the flag! It would be hard to get a case against Hillary, Pelosi, Shumer, or Biden anyway. Joe has conveniently avoided going to prison for bribery, embezzlement, money laundering, and tax evasion. Also illegal possession of top secret documents. Avoided it by getting declared too senile to stand trial. I doubt he can be charged for any case now. I have never heard of a person avoiding prosecution for terrible crimes he committed ten years ago because now his memory is bad.

  26. The biggest frustration for the Ohio class nuclear submarine was, not having enough nachos n cheese to keep debating, you big fat torpedo🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲TRUMP2024MAGA🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  27. There will not be a personnel problem, there will be a qualified personnel problem. The only qualification Authoritarians care about is will you do their bidding. The End.

  28. Fat people should not be public figures.

  29. Rino, how about convicting the Globalist Biden?

  30. Christi stop with your hate campaign against Trump. What lies? Rino these TDS democrats love you.

  31. Stay away…most his lawyers end up in jail or like Juliani ruined..half foot in jail.

  32. Christie could not garner any votes.

  33. Would Kennedy recognize his party

  34. We have a corrupt coward legal system. Trump should be in prison. He should’ve been arrested long ago but the legal system they’re all a bunch of cowards.

  35. You know, I just don’t understand why plump Trump is not in jail for everything he has done and still doing. No one else in this world would be treated the way there’s a piece of crap is Donald Trump is nothing but a freaking bully. You know you stand up the bullies knock him in his ass not sitting down put that son of a bitch in prison where he belongs and you see so a lot of the stuff will stop.

  36. The country needs a real constitutionalists as president

  37. Since CHRIS CHRISTIE cannot win Republican non nation, he now works to sabotage his tepublican opponent

  38. Chris, you say, "SIX People raised their hands."???? I watched it again and I see a SEVENTH! Chris Christie is the last one with a reluctant, half-hearted, "Gee, I guess I should abandon any remaining principles." At least Asa Hutchinson was decent enough to stick to his principles and decency. Ironically, he must have placed last in all the polls. I used to think Republican Dirty Tricks was an inaccurate, antiquated term lingering from the Nixon White House, but truth be told, its entirely unreliable and untrustworthy.

  39. More Bleech & More LySol , The Answer From Your MAGA Leader ! ! ! 🤔 🤔 🤔

  40. One thing is for sure Christie won't be part of it.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  41. Christie you got trouble in NJ as governor but had one employees take blame who would vote for you for anything, your just aloud mouth ,he needs to go away

  42. I agree with Chris Christie 100%. I supported him when he was running and if he was able to run now would still support him. We have to get rid of Donald Trump and we have to do it now.

  43. Shut up mr Christie why don't you say anything about the Democrats corruption, you are a crazy guy who doesn’t know what he wants.
    Jajajajajajaja George how is Mr Biden going to have more votes than president Trump ahhhhhhhh yeah yes like in 20020 in the middle of the night you know when everybody is gone to sleep.
    George wants a third party Christie is your guy good look😂

  44. Just Vote Biden 😅👍👍👍
    Vote Biden for illegal immigrants 😅😅👍👍

  45. Draining the swamp is a personnel problem. For the swamp.