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Christmas Gift Guide – For The Girls! | Fashion Mumblr

Christmas Gift Guide – For Her!
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Merci Maman Jewellery :
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Faux Fur Scarf :

Gilded Notebook :

NEOM Christmas Wish Candle :

Flowerbomb Body Lotion :

Marc Jacobs Object Of Desire :

L’Occitane Travel Set :

Jo Malone Orange Bitters :


❤ What I Wore ❤

Lips & Mistletoe Jumper :

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Necklace :
Rings :


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  1. Where you get that fabulous sweater ?

  2. Thank you so much Josie for sharing our Boho necklace with your fans! <3 So glad to hear you love it! And thank you for the gift inspiration (totally want that notebook so will drop a hint to the boyfriend) 😉 Have a lovely Christmas!

  3. I am so curious with the Jo Malone perfume !!!! I need to go to a store now to smell this hahahahaha love your tips

  4. Josie OMG I loved this video. Lighting was great, audio was perfect content was excellent and the best parts were you never played with your hair once and the length of the video! Girl you have knocked this one out of the park! One of the best gift guide videos I have seen! 💕

  5. Fabulous video as always Josie! x

  6. almost 80,000!!!! I love that your channel is growing so much 🙂

  7. What a lovely gift guide…..I want to buy them all! Just been buying some amazing candles for Chrissy….oh the joy! x

  8. Great gift ideas Josie. I can't wait to show my husband this vlog and say, "pick out anything on this list dear and I will love it, pick out everything and I'll really love it!"

  9. So many gorgeous gifts! I love that notebook! And I really love the faux fur scarf. I'd love to get my mom something from Merci Maman one year, maybe after I finally finish my PhD and get a job. I'm not expecting much under the tree this year lol, the trip to London with my mom and sister is kind of my main gift. So I'm just excited to get there and have fun with them. 🙂 xx

  10. Love the lippie you're wearing!!!

  11. Love Jo Malone candles and perfume lasts all day! thanks for sharing Christmas ideas. love your jumper too!! Top of my Christmas list is Jo Malone peony and blush suede perfume/candle can't make a mistake when someone gifts you J.M xoxo

  12. Makeup tutorial on this look you look beautiful:) xoxoxo

  13. Love it all! i wouldn't say no to any of these 😉😍

  14. Of course Jo Malone!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  15. I really want a NEOM candle 😍😍

  16. Yet again an amazing vid, wish I received these luxurious items!!!!!

  17. Love this! Now this is all going on my list haha X

  18. loved this, can't wait for the boy one, god knows what I'll get my boyfriend 😂

  19. The Marc Jacobs clutch is so fabulous. I might buy it for my mother, my sister, or for myself! It's a great gift! Thanks for all the tips!

  20. Thank you josie ! I just ordered a gift for my mum at mercimamanboutique! So glad you had a 15% off code:) it's perfect for her.

  21. Loving your choice of festive jumpers this year, Josie! Love the look of that Neom candle x

  22. Thanks a lot for these sweet suggestions!! Could you do the same for the boys?
    xxx from Switzerland!!

  23. Since noone is gonna gift me anything i think I'll gift it to myself 😂😂😂

  24. You look so beautiful in this!😍X

  25. thank you for your great suggestions!! I'm going to buy the Marc Jacobs gift for our sweet Marc Jacobs obsessed nanny <3 It's perfect!

  26. hey. i love watching your videos and you are such an inspiration. Love you 💕

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