Chuck Schumer is ‘gaslighting’ the American people: GOP rep.

Rep. Max Miller, R-Ohio, joined ‘Mornings with Maria’ to discuss the latest news emerging from the debt ceiling debate as the Senate advances a bill to raise the spending limit. #foxbusiness

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  1. This man who is supposedly her brother that is the worst there's ever been he needs to go and you need to get rid

  2. Our country is more important than Joe Biden

  3. So, are we really saving money, if last year's budget was increased due to COVID and Ukraine war spending? We need to see this in real numbers, not just saying we cut $2 trillion. That sounds like a drop in the bucket to me. I'm not faulting McCarthy, because I think he did as much as he could with the Swamp Creatures he has to work with. The GOP screwed up when they let the Dems pass that huge spending bill over the holidays. They should have all voted NO, because they had no time to even review it and discuss it.

  4. The Republicans lost this by voting with the Democrats…check the numbers.

  5. NEW FLASH,America ran out of money a long time ago. I borrowed money only twice in my life,once in the 70s and once in the 80s. Congress has been spending china's money for decades,unbelievable that any country would borrow America money ,can America even pay back the interest,nauseating.

  6. Once again selections not elections.That explains how these evil people keep remaining installed.

  7. And this is where comments go to die!!!!

  8. What have you done ✅ Chuck Schumer, you are saying that the Dems passed the bill it's not you but the Republican ❤❤❤❤😂😂😂🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  9. Why all this heavy-duty Trump Trump Trump propaganda?! I'm nevervoting for Chump again.

  10. gaslighting

    manipulate (someone) using psychological methods into questioning their own sanity or powers of reasoning. if Schumer lips move he is lying

  11. Why are so many people in prison for way less than what the criminal Democratic club members have done to us all treasonous Acts against our laws hurting people Disobeying our laws.

  12. He speaks from a debased mind 🙃

  13. yes, Dems should claim sole responsibility….. for this republican debt bill

  14. Shumer and Schiff both need to go.

  15. This country won't survive Bidens term. Sad situation only Trump can save the ship. Send Biden back to the basement.

  16. Get rid of everyone over rhe age of 70 thats in house and Senate lets start there

  17. Get him out lieing dog

  18. GOOD WORK?!?! WTF he’s smoking??

  19. This is standard process for the Dems.
    Every year . They threaten the poor and ild people with tragedy of no money to live on.

  20. Faux would know about gaslighting

  21. All I remember is vitan talking about how strong he was how much faster he is than better than trump and hes gonna run up. Those steps since then I've watched. It's him fall down steps fall on his bike and now he can't walk without falling go biden

  22. The king of sleaze!


  24. Republican's that voted for this bill should be removed from office.

  25. When we fall , remember Chuck

  26. Chuck Shumer Is A Traitor Period Everyone That Voted For This Should Be Ran Out Of Congress 💯🤬