Tuesday , January 18 2022
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Chuck Schumer's tough stance on China

Washington Examiner chief correspondent Byron York discusses Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s take on U.S. trade tensions with China.

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  1. I can disagree with Schumer with everything but he seems like a decent guy in this issue.

  2. The only backing from Schumer is back stabbing.
    Best test is to Google "Schumer China Trade 2016" or use a date before Trump was president.

  3. Chucky schmucky Schumer.Worthless lib dinosaur has 0 accomplishments. This lowlife fraud needs to meet an illegal alien like Kate steinle did.

  4. All I see are americunts throwing a hissy fit, that says it all🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Trump has been in office for two years, Schumer has been in forever, while China steps on every country, now he wants to take credit for Trump's tough stance, what a see through P O S.

  6. Chuck is just protecting his seat on the "Senatorial Inside Trading Commission," after all he may be needing to cash his IOU'S in the near future, for a "GET OUT OF JAIL CARD!"

  7. Have you noticed that Walmart has less and less Chinese products filling their shelves! So have the Dollar General, the Dollar Tree, and other Chinese "Wheeler-Dealers!" I love his rallies…Mr. President has his "Trump Triumph hitting on all cylinders!"

  8. Schumer is doing this for self-political interest, not for US interest. Like the drug cartel becoming informant for law enforcement against another rival drug cartel family. They are not doing it for being law abiding citizen. They are protecting their turf! 😜😜😜

  9. Look guys if my comments were misread Google doesn't speak okay I guess basically what I'm saying is we're Americans we have to stand together other is going to be no America and that's all I was saying

  10. Wake up guys I'm not a racist I will stand by you as American I will fight anybody attacks
    Our country we have to stand together we are under attack make no mistake

  11. As long as youvote!
    Democrat they're going to gain power the more power they gain
    Stop voting for them that's the only way we're going to fix this take their money away take their power away

  12. Look we don't do something as a country to change this it's not going to change I mean if we don't stand up ourselves Nobody's going to we didn't win World War II by not standing up for ourselves don't lay it on President Trump we're Americans we have to stand up for ourselves and that's just the way it is people I don't know what else to say if we don't stand together you can bet we're going to fall

  13. China must have put some fentanyl in the "7 laws of Noah" Schumer's matzo soup. He is a thug.

  14. After 2020 republicans will once again control Congress. Don't screw this up. Let Trump lead and you follow.

  15. Here we go people's start saving your money it gonna be a ride

  16. Somehow Schumer conned his way into a position of leadership in this country. He doesn’t do anything that isn’t self serving. Don’t trust this fool for one second! ✌🏼🇺🇸

  17. Finally Schumer shows some common sense . God bless President Trump, he is starting to get through to some dems especially when they have done nothing but run in circles accomplishing nothing to date. Thankyou Mr. Schumer for swallowing your pride and seeing the reality.

  18. Shumer's TDS has caused part of his brain to deteriorate!

  19. Thanks Byron and Lou for bringing the Schumer News to our Attention. Finally, the impact President Trump policies are having on America may be starting to funnel down into the Democrat Thinking. Schumers weakness is he has a habit of turning someone's good ideas out into the Media and putting on a toxic label.

  20. I'm not a Schumer fan but I have to give Kudos to Chuck Schumer supporting Trump on the tough stance on China!
    Unfortunately you can't make a deal with the Chinese. Chinese government = cheating!
    It will be difficult but we must totally disentangle ourselves from China in all aspects of trade. We do this by making everything we can in the US as well as spreading our supply chains throughout many countries in the world.

  21. Chuck is a seasoned politician. He knows which way the wind blows now!

  22. Chuckie boy is a snake in the grasss…….what's in this for him….

  23. Ha Ha Chuck Shumer is a democrate , as far as I know Shumer always told Trump to be tough to China, but I wonder if Shumer will tell Biden to be as tough as possible to China in Public, especially the US economy is on the turning point of going south and election is closer and closer

  24. The one and only time I've ever agreed with lying and crying Chuckie Schumer 😎💩

  25. Schumer works for Mexico and China. This scumbag blows the cabal.

  26. Shoehorn is just attacking his buddy Putin's 2nd biggest competition..

  27. Keep up the good work. Our leaders have allowed our great country to be ripped off for far too long. Thank you, President Trump, for standing firm with red China. What would happen to our economy if we stopped doing business with red China altogether? Probably not much. After a short period of readjustment, American companies would soon pick up the slack, to the benefit of all Americans.

  28. I am a independent that agree with trump some times and sometimes I don't agree.. but let's be clear we are the ones paying the tariffs not China.. yes that may push factories to come back to usa.. but for now the middle class is getting screwed.

  29. Lou Dobbs is my idol. Wish I can be half the man as he is someday.

  30. I'm wildly surprised by Noddy Nod-along Schumer: I didn't know he could still speak on his own. One only ever sees him nodding to sainted greataunt Pelosi's mutters and gestures.

  31. All of a sudden Chucky is growing a pair ???His ED pills are working ???

  32. I wonder how the children at the border are doing. Are they able to find enough room to lie down on the cement, or do they have to take turns to sleep? Are the lights kept on 24 hrs. daily, so they cannot sleep? What about all the sick? Is the food any better? Is the water drinkable? Let's take care of the children first before we do anything else. I HAVE THIS GREAT FEAR. TRUMP WILL GET VOTED BACK IN FOR THE SECOND TERM, AND THAT WOULD BREAK MY HEART.

  33. Talks cheap it takes 💰 to buy 🍷 Chucky! The democrates want China to stay right where they are! They do not want Trump to impose Tarriffs on them! This is wrong! I stand with PRESIDENT TRUMP!!

  34. Stop all the BS, arrogant Yankee, stop buying from China and move all US corporations out of China if you can, Starbuck, Mcdonald, Ford, Tesla, Qualcom and etc I am sure there will be long queue line up to take up next morning..

  35. Hopefully Trump tackles the issue of fiat currency. The thing that effects every minute of every second of our lives. the thing that none of the "woke" people are talking about.

  36. Please Mr. Schumer, not to many of you have had dealings with China. Wherever China's money goes you all have made a big profit 1

  37. The President has not made a single bad decision on Foreign Policy. In my mind, he has to know what the right decisions are to make them, which indicates a depth of understanding that very few people have a true grasp of. Schumer only deserves credit for letting China steal our shoes while we were walking in them.

  38. Divorce China, and it will crumple.
    USA 1st MEGA

  39. US is funny. US is printing US $ obtain so many CHinese goods, and complaint about it. CHina used the US printing $ to get its need from the other countries. US should be more than happy that CHina is helping US to laundry the US numbers of $ around the world.

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