Chuck Todd: Christie and Pence enter 2024 field after ‘enabling’ Trump

Three new candidates have thrown their hats into the 2024 ring — all making overt or covert contrasts of character with the field’s frontrunner — former president Donald Trump.

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  1. Don't slam Joe and Kamala.

  2. Ha ha ha! Even Pence took him down. But Chris will take that Narc down. Christie tried to help the Orange perp.

  3. Chris Christie….you are rather rich….you are so so dirty and huge baggage 👎🏻😆😆😆😀😃😄😁🤣

  4. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😁😄😃😀

  5. اين نستيحة الملوك المهنيين اين عدالة واضحة لا اخدني في كل ارسلني وانا بلا علم في علم الكمبيوترات المالي يا ترام يا الملك ترام اين في نصتيحتك

  6. Tell us not what we know about Smump!… Tell us what about you…. Cristy!!

  7. how weird to see pence trying to be anything but pensive is it a joke that he makes himself out to be a hero he backed trump to the hilt and is so conceited to be praising self for just doing his job he is nothing more than a little piece of trump?

  8. GOP= crooks + clowns

  9. Mike Pence is very very creepy!! He will NEVER be president. He is just a star pupil of "mommy".

  10. Pence never supported America. He’s all about his party and himself. That’s why he refused to testify about J6. It would have hurt his party and his bid for president now. His party tried to overthrow the government and he’s still standing for them.

  11. They will try out dumb Trump – won't go very far.

  12. This is absolutely fantastic ! Best wishes to the latest entries, the more the better… to splinter the anti- MAGA/Trump vote.

  13. Why can't these candidates tell us what THEY are about, getting tired of all the mud slinging, and name calling…

  14. Best wishes Mr. Todd!!! Wonderful for you to choose family first!! Best wishes to you & your entire family!!!

    🥊🔥DONALD J TRUMP 2024🔥🥊
    ISAIAH "45"

  16. trump will not win.

  17. Cheeseburger Christie and Mechanical Pencil enter 2024 field after 'enabling' Chump


  18. @2:19 good ole Jesus loving Mr Christian insinuated that Biden and Harris were going to follow suit with the same coup attempt.
    There are those trumpers and MAGA's that will never give him the vote no matter how Jesus he gets. Those christie voters he got are going to look at the crucifix on the wall and say, I think I'll vote for the guy they didn't want to hang.

  19. More Republicans garbage lies

  20. Christy enabled trump until trump told him to go home as for the spineless pence enough said.

  21. Trump going to kick but ❤❤❤❤❤

  22. Well, Christie is a retorical master. Pence has some form of soul. Burgum sounds a bit like Bush 41. These three sounds more sane than the other candidates. If they make it to the debates, they'll definently will make the debates more interesting to watch.

  23. Burgum all the way! He built a billion dollar software company, won landslide ⅔ the voes for state gov, sustains a balanced state budget in surplus.

  24. Christie is the most honest of all of them . But he should have said that years ago

  25. Why is Trump not in jail?

  26. Christie is the best of bunch- should make this very dull race a bit more spicier!

  27. It's same playbook trump used before better come up let's see I hid my taxes do ask other countries to investigate to other s running for president background hum should I go on no exceptions ever president should show background check I see this what happens if trump sleep around with another country to gain eyes only documents trump the real risk to this country