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Cindy McCain On Husband John McCain’s Legacy One Year After His Death | NBC Nightly News

One year after Sen. John McCain’s passing, Cindy McCain speaks to Andrea Mitchell about her husband’s legacy what he would think of the gridlock in Washington today. “We not only have to work together, but we’ve got to be civil to each other,” she says.
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Cindy McCain On Husband John McCain’s Legacy One Year After His Death | NBC Nightly News


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  1. John McCain was a traitor to this country. He should be dug up, tried for treason and shot by firing squad then buried in a prison graveyard.

  2. Lol all the clown comments here, go back to Fox News

  3. Legacy? He was a loser who never became president. McCain is a wannabe president

  4. Cindy, your husband was not well in the last few years of his life. He put his personal feud with Trump ahead of the American people. That's his legacy.

    Our country is doing well under Trump. Like his style or not – facts are facts (period)

  5. We lost 50k American boys in Vietnam war fighting communism? And now we bow our heads to China and Russia and love bloody dictators like Saudi MBS…waste of our boys lives….me and my boys have bone spurs so not going to war….

  6. Your husband was a war monger military industrial complex stooge…glad he is no more…

  7. First of all Gina kay, McCain was a rino. He didn't reach across the aisle, he lived there. McCain was not a conservative. He was involved in the start of the Russia hoax. So in no way was he a republican.

  8. He still was on the wrong side CINDY. Republicans are caging kidnapping & children. That CAGE should have DISAPPOINTED HIM. Going on CNN, ABC, AND GOD KNOWS FOX NEXT to salvage the Republican vote SHOWS you cannot be taught. #DEMOCRACY2020 #READ-A-BOOK

  9. If the Democrats liked him, you know he was evil.
    Plus he dropped napalm on civilians.

  10. John McCain~ life long public servant and millionaire. 🤔🤔🙄🙄 Something is wrong with that picture. 😒😒 Fighter for the little guy. 😒😒 You mean the non millionaires from public service? 🤑🤑

  11. He was not a very good man. He was a war monger

  12. the comments in this section are disgusting. John McCain was a human being and he has passed on. If you hate him shut your mouth and keep it to yourself. He would have done the same for you.

  13. Trump, the wanna be general, was always jealous of McCain. But I do not think Cindy truly understands the MIC when it comes to war. Didn't like her on the view with Tulsi Gabbard.

  14. Cindy sounds just like Hillary, when she talks.

  15. Although I'm not a Republican, I think McCain was a war hero and had a lot of decent ideas. I can empathize with his poor wife and kids. I'm helping my mom through the grief from my dad's passing.

  16. McCain was a traitor his whole life. Cindy stole narcotics from a charity she “volunteered” to help. He was so overrated. No loss.

  17. War criminals in twisted history are called heros, orwellian

  18. A real American HERO 🇺🇸Unlike TRUMP

  19. If anti-American Andrea Mitchell praises McCain … that's a clear sign that he wasn't all that great. John McCain loved the TV camera and the media far more than he ever loved the people who voted for him.

  20. McCain actually worked with Democrats. This is not appreciated by Trumpers who lack civility , love division.

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