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Cities prepare for violent summer amid 'low morale' among police

Former secret service agent Charles Marino tells ‘Fox Business Tonight’ Democrat leaders ‘don’t care that violent crime is going up in their cities’ #FoxBusinessTonight #FOXBusiness

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  1. If people are so helpless they rely on police to protect them, then they need to man up. You don’t have a police officer over your shoulder around the clock protecting you. Most of the time you call them after a crime has occurred, or during. They are not an offensive force.

  2. They are allowing all the violence to make room for the illegals coming in including people who we should really worry about. Praying for the people who are in the middle of all the ugliness. People this was planned for a long time ago.

  3. Low morale? All people are wanting is to stop the brutality. End the corruption and be responsible for your actions.

  4. You don't need the police I'll hold your hand when you walk out the door in the morning

  5. It's obviously easy to see when white people talk about police it comes from a place of privilege


  7. Strap up, you're on your own. Its up to you,help is not coming.

  8. NO one wants to be abused especially by their bosses. Good for them. More money in private security for the rich, like Microsoft, Obama, AOC, pelosi maxiepad, etc

  9. When the police are legally allowed to lie in most states for investigative purposes and use heavy handed coersion methods. They lose all trust and respect from the communities they are supposed to protect and serve. It takes 6 months to become a police officer that can arrest children but it takes a Bachelor's degree to teach our children. Seems categorically uneven in education standards.

  10. Well get rid of Joe Biden out of office he isn't the President Voter Fraud!! This is why you're having all these problems!! 🙄 Lol

  11. People… you are NOT going to stop it… it's Cultural… it's what THEY do… that is not a racist comment, that's a FACT… you don't get this kind of madness anywhere else… and it's not a GUN ISSUE, it's a violence and moral issue… if you took all their guns away, like they did in the U.K. they started killing each other with knives… now the U.K. is banning the sale of sharp knives to certain people… violence and killing is a Cultural issue with many sub causes… disintegration of the Family unit, lack of structured education which leads to a moral base and work ethic which can elevate a community out of the poverty rut… and getting rid of CORRUPT AND STUPID POLITICIANS and other public officials.

  12. Sad thing is everyone is still acting like this is not all part of the plan. Make the cities chaos from crime, citizens to scared to come out and complain about the big take over by the GOVT. LETS STOP ACTING LIKE WE DON'T KNOW

  13. Arrest the democrats in charge of funding the violence.

  14. FBI still hasnt arrested HUNTER for GODS sake these spy people Filthy corrupt

  15. Only 70% of the population supports the police in America. WTF is wrong with us? Without the police people would be eating each other.

  16. I hope these cops leave and go find jobs where they're appreciated as people. Then the 2nd amendment hating city dwelling rats can tear each other apart and burn their cities down. I'm a Country mouse, Ill be down by the river fishing for cats, don't think of coming out here city rats, we'll rip you apart and use you for gator bait. We don't live like that!

  17. Well now you know one of the many ways they will depopulate the world. Welcome to the reset and the new world after covid.

  18. There getting what they wanted

  19. President Trump has it right. The Democrats never got over the Civil War. They were humiliated and their slaves were taken from them. LBJ recaptured their slaves with the welfare system. We should never have freed the slaves. We should have let them free themselves. Look at the ratio of slaves to free in 1861.

  20. Mainstream media comment sections:
    33% people with good sense
    33% emotionally charged and kinda hateful
    33% thoughtless regurgitation of what they heard on the news

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