Monday , August 2 2021
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Cities & States Across The West Experiencing Record High Temperatures

About 45 million Americans are facing a heat wave as cities and states across the west experience record high temperatures. Cities like Salt Lake City and Dallas are reaching triple digit temperatures for consecutive days.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Cities & States Across The West Experiencing Record High Temperatures


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  1. the end is near !!!!! jajajajajaj jajajajjajjajajajaj

  2. Well no sht it’s summer this has been going on for how long?


  4. Oh come on, people. It's June. This happens in June, it's not new.

  5. For fun, search U.S. Airforce weather patents. Or geoengineering patents.
    Then ask yourself why Biden said that climate change would be our greatest threat.

  6. In the 60s anti-Whites made ALL White countries and ONLY White countries import millions of immigrants from the third world.

    Then anti-Whites compelled White people to "integrate" with those non-Whites or face huge penalties.

    Now anti-Whites are gloating and counting down the days until White children are a minority and eventually extinct everywhere!

    They say they're "anti-racist." What they are is anti-White.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  7. Meanwhiles, as they continue to deny man-made climate change, Republicans are still trying to distract people with "critical race theory" and the terrifying threat that one or two trans girls might play a soccer game.

  8. People become aware of the real causes of this heat expose

  9. The guy in the red shirt needs to be arrested for covering up haarp induced heat domes

  10. How long does the terrorist. Media think they will get away with the lies covering up satanic elite weather wars

  11. Weather weapons are a crime using haarp

  12. It's called SUMMER
    Democrats call it global warming

  13. Conserve energy? People are selfish. No one will do that.

  14. So long as its red states suffering the most of it, i dont mind.
    In fact, it makes me wonder if perhaps this would help start waking people up to taking climate change more seriously.

  15. Isaiah 13:11 King James Version
    11 And I will punish the world for their evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; and I will cause the arrogancy of the proud to cease, and will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible.

  16. More demonrat climate change BS and hysteria. Guess what, it's summer. It gets hot.

  17. It's the weather weapons

  18. Funny. Says salt lake having triple digit heat, then shows temp as 96 degrees.

  19. Keep the heat coming Ra

  20. Yo in Georgia this is normal every day of the summer. Don’t like the men make a story out of this because it normal. The voice over guy they using for this story is amazing. Remember he is reading a piece of paper the writer make up for him to read off on this lame story/heat wave! lol

  21. No one is going to drive anywhere when FUEL is
    4 bux a gallon

  22. It's been unseasonably warm over here in central Wisconsin too.

  23. No air travel and reduced traffic during the covid lockdown means the sun rays are gonna come harder than ever this summer. Its gonna be biblical. Buckle up, by august its gonna be scorching.

  24. Face mask. Won’t help. Complaining about heat. But still wereing a mask

  25. Why would you even go out of you don’t have to

  26. In Ca having a hot June is kinda rare, usually, we have June gloom, it is the worst time to go to the beach. But in April it can get really hot. My wife and I went to the Ford Show at Knotts Berry Farm in April several years ago, it was 113 degrees, it was brutal for the OC.

  27. In Coachella Valley, IE Palm Springs, Palm Desert, I know of 1 outside thermometer. I guess what is the point yeah it is hot.

  28. 2:17 Where it gets hot you do not buy cars with chrome door handles.

  29. If you can’t get that this is global warming happening in front of your face you are a complete waste of space POS, there is no redemption for you

  30. All of the news outlet smh report the heat every other day but doesn't report any solution or technological breakthrough to combat this heat

  31. The undesirable division unequivocally sail because nation philosophically ski without a wide-eyed barometer. tiresome, tiresome sack

  32. Ur summer over in the USA is dreadful, above 50Cel is unbelievable. Global warming is happening, u just have to look at the temperatures rising everywhere.
    We really need to clean up our act for the next generation.

  33. If we think this is bad, wait till next year.

  34. Shame on the politicians and quacks whom denied Global Warming !!

  35. Suggestion, pack up and move. Go where it’s cooler.

  36. I see Mexicans working in the fields it's crazy

  37. Hello climate change hello hello it’s only going to get worse !

  38. I’m glad I live in a state like Michigan where the temperate is a lot more contestant then the rest of the country

  39. I sense another lockdown from the heat. Too bad it's spreading, lol.

  40. everyone should care more about our planet.

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