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Citizens take down terrorist on London Bridge

In newly released images, people are seen standing up against a knife-wielding terrorist by grabbing anything nearby until police arrived at the scene and fatally shot the attacker.

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  1. France supports our British friends in the fight against terrorism.
    Let's be strong together ! 🇫🇷 ❤ 🇬🇧

  2. "… slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, …"
    Qur’an 9.5

  3. Deportation for the whole family!

  4. Before releasing any terrorist, a panel of psychologists with expertise in terrorism should investigate these people and reject their release for any cause.

  5. The London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down. The London bridge is falling down, my dear lady.

  6. If you are muslim and look like a Sasquatch you should be deported

  7. Great courage of those young Men. God bless them.

  8. Imagine that those 3 brave man saved maybe the lives of another ten.

  9. That terrorist was probably an operative for British intelligence.

  10. Priti Patel committed Treason. She should have gone to jail! If it was you or me & of course, if any other country than Israel was involved, to this day we’d be eating porridge. The worst aspect of this debacle is a month or so ago I read an article which leaked the notion the hierarchy were concerned about the ever-increasing use of the word ‘TRAITOR!’ At the time, there was no way I could twig why there was more to this. Nevertheless, it did prompt me to say – ‘the one thing we must do is UTILISE THE WORD TRAITOR AT EVERY opportunity

  11. Americans stand arm and arm with london

  12. Religion of peace 🤷‍♂️

  13. Unbelievable. A convicted terrorist with an ankle bracelet. What the f@ck is wrong with the justice system. What slimy lawyer got this piece of human garbage out of prison, let alone the Isis judge who let him out

  14. Joys of labour laws releasing prisoners early and Eu stopping U.K. holding prisoners for indefinite time🤷🏻‍♂️, did anyone ask Corbyn to ask his terrorist friends what went on?

  15. Why is he so hairy though

  16. It's called liberalism, that is why you have unarmed innocent people fighting off a convicted early-released terrorist. The UK is well known for it's cuckery.

  17. Should of give him a good kicking , make up for lost time in prison , ***ING parasite ..

  18. Good job every leftie fucker, this is what you globalists wanted, right?!

  19. He was released from prison because he had previously appealed against his indefinite 'public protection' sentence. That sentence was squashed because the senior appeal court(Lords and all) decided that Khan was only as dangerous as his co-conspirators who had been actively preparing the blow up the Stock Exchange in the financial district of London-and who had only regular fixed term non public protection sentences-and which are subject to early release qualifying conditions. 6 others of the gang are legally walking the streets because of the benefits of fixed term sentences- and like Khan, any one-or all of them, could at any moment decide on a short cut to paradise with a homicidal knife in one bloody hand while wearing a fake bomb to make sure the police will shoot him into it.

  20. Throw out the judges and lawyers from the bridge.

  21. My thoughts to the people who died and the victims. Thank you to those who stopped the terrorist.

  22. Glad I carry a gun. Would of just ended him.

  23. London will enact sharia law within the next year or so, MARK MY WORDS.

  24. Mean while a white native Briton ages 25 has killed three old age people for no reason

  25. We all know the protocol by now –
    1. This has nothing to do with Islam.
    2. The guys were "mentally-ill".
    3. Those who object to points 1 and 2 are racist bigots.
    4. Put hash-tag "not all Muslims"….on Twitter, etc.
    5. Change Facebook profile to flag of inflicted country.
    6. Light some candles, hold a vigil and go on a peace march.
    7. Wait for the next slaughter to happen.
    8. Repeat.

  26. a) Put them on a plane b) Fly them back to their country. Take back YOUR country before it's way too late. What part of the fact that Muslim extremists are taught that it is noble and correct to kill the "infidels," are you not getting??

  27. Facts no Frauds new show onyou tube live every tuesday 8pm est

  28. Good for them. Folks better start fighting back against these attackers. … maybe they'll think twice

  29. The London bridge is certainly a place to avoid. Time to change the laws to a death sentence for tourists. When you have a rotten apple you throw is out not wait till it gets good again and eat it.

  30. The problem is the uk government. Lazy . Just looking out for their own rich kind. Stop blaming anyone off colour . That is dangerous. Because people can blame white people in UK for child abuse and murders and drug abuse because the majority of perpetrators doing those crimes are white

  31. Act like a terrorist…you catch a terrorist. You could have done so much more with this AI if you weren't pinning me as the Boogeyman. That pisses me off. If you wanted to see the Boogeyman, shove your face in the mirror.


  33. Guess what the police were nowhere to be found 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️,the public did the job

  34. YOU ALWAYS CHARGE A MAN WITH A GUN ! WITH A KNIFE, YOU RUN AWAY , (wise words from Jimmy Hoffa)

  35. Kill the terrorists, he also looked stupid and inbred

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