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City commissioner berates deputy at police awards ceremony

Mike Gelin accused Joshua Gallardo of being a “bad police officer” who had him charged for allegedly resisting arrest in 2015.



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  1. I commend the commissioner. the police need to be retrained about our rights.

  2. Wrong way to handle it. Commisioner needs to be removed. Completely uncalled for. Why would anyone want to be a cop when they are treated this way? Why should any of them want to attend an award ceremony when they may be attacked like this. This should have been handled behind closed doors with thi oficers supervisor. Unprofessional, simple as that.

  3. So sick of hearing about these cops putting their lives on the line. We all put our lives on the line just to get to work. There's no job openings in law enforcement. They get a pension and up to $90,000 a year in overtime. Take your overpaid, biased profession and shove it up your executive paid ass. Privatize these pigs.

  4. Gelin is my hero. why did the dumb cop do a thumbs up? what a moron. i hate cops.

  5. He supposedly violated a code of conduct and is both the chief and the mayor are seeking to remove him… Florida is wild, a black man can’t speak the truth cuz the world goes crazy

  6. Another PIECE OF SHIT DOWN👎

  7. He gave that cop a chance for redemption but the spineless cop stayed quiet.

  8. Mike Gelin did the right thing by outing that BAD policeman who just received an award he doesn't deserve!!! Great Job. I think more people whom have been famed, lied on and arrested for no reason at all, should be able to confront they're abuser. So fantasy job Mike G for OUTING that rouge cop.

  9. The cop's thumbs up was the best! He's like, "fuck this hack politician!

  10. Kent Police & Rogue Bailiffs unlawful eviction – Maidstone Against Corruption

  11. Handle that 👍 a boss.👔💼👓👞 📝

  12. He was right to say what he said

  13. Mike Gelin does not deserve to be there either! Trying to get revenge, smh 🤦‍♀️

  14. His feelings are valid, just not the place to do it.. He was being mean spirited. Which is the same thing that he's calling him out for.

  15. lmao completely appropriate, of course if this was outside with no cameras he would be beat for speaking to a nazi that way

  16. Greatest thing I have ever seen.

  17. This guy needs to be elected. Expose crappy cops.

  18. What? Cop abusing his authority. How unheard of…….

  19. You can clearly see why the cops behave as they do, just see which side she immediately took. The fish starts to spoil from the head

  20. Hate dirty cops. Pig. 🐖 oink oink.

  21. I may be white but this black man sure put his put up that guy's ass and I loved every minute of it cuz I know about corrupt cops

  22. Unproffessional behaviour by a superior😱

  23. Outrageous? See, that’s the problem. These rogue cops who get off on hanging charges on anyone that refuses to kiss their feet don’t lose their jobs for doing shit like this. Their union will protect them for anything up to and including murder. His smile and thumbs up as he walks away says it all. He knows he’s untouchable. A bitch with a badge, that’s all he is.

  24. Good job for speaking up. Now that's a man of character!

  25. That's right. Call out these officers for their nonsense

  26. The Mayor wants to hide stuff like that but we as people white or black no matter what position you have in life Call the the hell out

  27. Good job brother.! I am white, but break that thin blue line!!!!!!

  28. How bout instead of filming a bum fight you assist the police instead… sleazebag!

  29. They should be embarrassed for awarding a shit head for being a good officer.

  30. When Donald Trump does something a tenth as self serving and unprofessional as this, I'm first in line to condemn his actions.
    This was a shameful example of misuse of power to get payback for a personal incident from years before and had absolutely no place at this event. The city commissioner has provided the cop absolute protection by appearing to be ready to single him out and end his career whilst really damaging his own political future. Very rash and stupid move.

  31. Hers the issue. There all white! Somewhat white lady with blue African bandana, redhead, etc. I guarantee I couldn't do the same if reversed. Pile on the white guilt.

  32. You know Big Pun "Laughing at you" is playing in the background.

  33. using a public forum to berate someone w/o their prior knowledge is cowardly. tell it to them in private man-to-man.

  34. We should all have this opportunity once in our lives.

  35. that was fkn awesome!

  36. Using the "bully pulpit" to settle a score ?…..


    Poor snowflake city official….

    He should listen to the cops next time….

  37. I love how the scumbag cop smiles and gives a thumbs up. Lol no shame for his actions.

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