Clemson football crowd chants, ‘We want Trump,’ as 45th president joins field #shorts

Donald Trump was ‘quite a showman’ at the Clemson University football game this past Saturday, says FOX News contributor Charles Hurt.

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  1. I’m sorry I can’t hold back in a longer you know the rest

  2. That's why they hate him. Go Trump…❤

  3. That is why he's my president

  4. Trump for King! 🤴 Trump Family is American Monarchy ❤

  5. Hell yeah 😂🎉❤Trump 2024 and…… beyond 🎉❤

  6. And people trying to say he was booed.

  7. Biden cheated and was installed…. Now he’s going after Trump and trying to disqualify him…. People are waking up to seeing what the Democratic Party truly is…. EVIL 👺

  8. No Republicans attended a Democrats rallies supporting Hamas in Washington DC 🤔🤭

  9. He's such a rockstar! I just love him ❤

    But Americans are sick of Trump .Ain't that right, Madam Ambassador? Lol

  10. We need Trump in office now. Dictator Biden is a communist traitor

  11. We love him what can i tell you. TRUMP 2024.

  12. When will people wake up and start acknowledging that Trump and the conservative movement is the overwhelming majority in this country and stop listening to the media!!!!!!

  13. We love Trump in South Carolina. Sparkle City aka Spartanburg!

  14. Worst President in history.

  15. Meanwhile… Joe Biden orchestrating Hamas hostages being freed while Trumps at a sports event in a suit…. which to Americas traitors and butt scratchers is more important.

    America needs protection from Donald Trump and his supporters.

  16. They boo’d him too… FoxNews will never show you that footage. ‘Cause objective reporting is not what Fox does. 1000% Propaganda.

  17. I don't hear many boos there… Trump is the man!! MAGA 2024

  18. They did the exact same thing in 2020 and he STILL lost the election.

  19. This is the first time I have seen this clip, all i heard from the fake news was he got booed.

  20. 😂 It's a no brains decision 😂

  21. We not only want Trump, WE NEED HIM.

  22. Vote President Donald J.Trump for President in 2024 !

  23. Yet we are made to believe Biden won

  24. The media can hide the truth all they want, but the people will tell the truth.

  25. I think it was obvious in 2020 who won I've never been any words and heard them changing go Biden ever except when they're saying go home