Saturday , January 22 2022
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Climate Change Researcher: ‘Our Way Of Living Is Definitely Under Threat' | NBC News Now

Climate change has had major effects all over the world, but most noticeably in the Arctic where sea ice continues to melt, causing disruptions to both humans and wildlife. NBC News’ Kevin Tibbles spoke to researchers in the area about how this community has been impacted by climate change.
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Climate Change Researcher: ‘Our Way Of Living Is Definitely Under Threat’ | NBC News Now


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  1. 112 million tons of CO2 added every day by humans to our shared atmosphere. 50 billion tons per year. For those 100% certain this is no problem here is q proposal. Gather your family into their houses. Seal them up tight. We'll pump your shares of the GHG's into the houses. You can then be heroes! You can prove your wisdom as an online crank is correct. That science is a fraud. You can take all the bibles you desire with you. Millions will be thrilled to know you are willing to put your own life and the lives of your loved ones on the line.

  2. Obama must not believe in the climate change his Democratic peers are pushing. If he did, he would believe his $15 million investment in Martha's Vineyard on the small island will be underwater — quite literally — in just over a decade.

  3. Our Earth is under threat! Our way of life is the threat…

  4. Man cannot change the climate change its our precious Lords creation .Man cannot change time and the seasons.People need to repent and mend their ways.Read the Bible!!

  5. Not sure if you understand, but the earth constantly changes. What happened between ice ages?

  6. Then why have polar bear numbers increased 5x in 70 years. This is why you are labeled fake news.

  7. oh yea…fyi…….it's past "too late".

  8. Not my way of living. Not changing where I am. Humans can't do anything about climate change, how silly. Everyone drag their freezers north to make ice for the seal pups?

  9. Paris accord is NWO. A marxist redistrabution of white wealth.

  10. This has been chicken little reporting live from Norway with more globalist propaganda.

  11. MSM is either knowingly or unknowingly enemies of the American people.

  12. If the cultists get their way and we are forced to pay $$$$$ billions in additional taxes, control becomes far more centralised and concentrated and anything to prevent real world destruction of the planet and deaths of even more people, are these things which benefit the majority of people and are good for the planet?

  13. Why do none of the democrats preaching climate change or people like Bill Nye actually live off grid? Not only do they not live off grid, they emit 1000 times more CO2 than the average person…Or these Hollywood hypocrites, example how much CO2 is generated in the overall making of these TV shows and movies? Are they using using clean energy like wind and solar power to produce these multi million dollar budget movies? Don't you people realize they're all full of lies and BS, virtue signaling hypocrites…

  14. The future will be unlike the past in so many ways. Humanity has been misusing and abusing the world to the extent that it is beginning to change on its own. Food production will decrease. Access to freshwater will be an ever greater concern and challenge. Huge numbers of people will be forced from their lands as they become too arid, or, if on the coast, inundated by rising seas. Extensive economic, social and political instability will result. I highly recommend the New to understand the situation and how you can prepare to be a contributor to the future, and not a victim of it.

  15. Wow, corporate media is catching on about 25 to 40 years too late! And still no coverage compared to the extent of the problem, they are grossly underestimating the near future results, like how long can the crop and grain production and distribution system hold up. That is 60% of your immigration problem right there, Central Americans are losing habitat to live in. It is all part of the web of existence which is unraveling at an amazing rate.

  16. perhaps the NBC news staff could stop flying business class
    – as a sign of their commitment to cleaning up the planet ?

  17. Climate change or global warming is happening. Contrary to the narrative of the NWO, liberal leftists, people are not causing this, people have no control over. The tilt of the earth has changed. The position of the north pole is changing. The magnetic shield around the earth is weakening. The frequency and strength of solar storms are increasing. These storms will eventually knock out satellites, cell service and ground airplanes.

  18. Climate Cycles
    More likely turning colder now.

  19. We have climate change where I live. From March until May it warms and rains some and then beautiful flowers come out. From June until September it remains warm and then cools s little. From October through November it gets colder and the leaves fall from the trees. From December through February it is very cold and snowy and then in March this beautiful and glorious natural pattern starts all over again. Isn't climate change a natural wonder to watch and enjoy!

  20. Sahara Desert used to be full of forests and lakes, now it is just a desert, climate change has always been and will again.

  21. Globalist climate cultists certainly put many millions of lives at risk in pursuit of increased profits!

  22. Bigger threats to our whole race are overpopulation, micro plastics and the dying pollinators. Focusing on climate change is a mistake that will cost us. Micro plastics are killing the fish in our seas, bees dying off are killing our plants, and overpopulation is shaking our borders and flooding west with refugees all over the planet. But hey, lets just ignore there issues and worry about the sea levels rising an inch over the next hundred years. Sheesh, what morons.

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