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‘Climate nomads’ from Camp Fire living in all 50 states

ABC News’ Kayna Whitworth reports from Paradise, California, which was almost wiped out three years ago, as displaced residents are trying to find stability and help others rebuild.

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  22. This story would lead you to believe that the fire was natural and due to climate change. Camp fire in California started due to faulty electrical power lines. God I hate the media…..

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  24. Wow am so excited with the amount ☝️ funds into my bank account today

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  30. The Camp fire sent all of Northern California reeling whether they knew it or not. We are still recovering. Good to learn some of what has happened to these folks. Would be interesting to explore the story a little more – how did people do that had to go out of state? My heart goes out to all of them. Stay safe. Hang in there.

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