Thursday , January 20 2022
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Clinton's email scandal resurfaces after Mueller finds 'no collusion'

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton discusses how some of Hillary Clinton’s emails were found in the Obama White House.

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  1. I'm befuddled..since when is destroying evidence that was supposed to be turned over isn't automatic lock up?

  2. The media is fake. They are clowning us. Now there was no spying and no mishandling of classified material. What a 4 year show from the internet and media.

  3. She’s not being held for her actions because she’s blackmailing everyone who can. She knows secrets that they can’t afford to break out

  4. Lou Dobbs is Great ,God Bless Fox News for all the Great News coverage they give to America

  5. Yes Hillary Clinton if your reading pleasure this,We Never Forgot About You,your time has come your going to jail

  6. This is no question therapy to the millions Americans and people the world over that are concerned about the democrat and fake news fantasies of total socialist tyranny. Thank God for all the patriots fighting for America like Lou Dobbs, Tom Fitton and Pres. Trump!

  7. Clinton will never go to prison no matter what is found

  8. I helped Hillary lose; I admit it.
    In my opinion, the BEST Candidate.

  9. Maybe Frazzledrip will find Justice? Two video, one in hospital should be ENOUGH to cancel the show. Two should stop the heart. NO JUSTICE UNTIL JUSTICE. THESE CHILDREN ARE CRYING FROM THE GRAVES!!! Where is JUSTICE.

  10. She should be in Jail no ? Ask guilty as sin . Barr should clean house starting with Wray and any one that gives shelter to these crooks.

  11. Bring them all in Elijah will bring them to Justice TREASON

  12. Duh! This judicial watch clown is an English major for God's sake

  13. Hillary for prison or a fight is coming. Hey bud!

  14. Step# 1
    Execution for the Clintons and Obama’s needs to happen for all the Treason they have committed to America and its People.

    Execution for everyone else who supported this Radical Anti American Liberal Terrorists.

    Elimination of all this Radical Anti American Liberal Terrorists in Our Government, including the ones on the right.

  15. she will get away with it and they will use the statue of limitation because they are dragging there feet

  16. This is a bigger deal then anything TRUMP has ever did ,hillary and thoses Democrats been selling America out

  17. Amen Lou Dobbs and Tom Fitton, hit the nail on the head again. Makes my blood boil to think nothing is being done to bring traitors to justice.

  18. Fox Business News. Turn up your volume!!

  19. Hillary also bleached her sphincter and erased all evidence of intrusion💩

  20. Mr Fitton getting around of late..good➡✅❗❌™

    🤖〽😳'↗Bout time⌚⏳〰👀.

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