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Closing Arguments In Derek Chauvin's Trial On George Floyd's Death | NBC News

Watch live coverage of the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. Chauvin is charged in the May 25, 2020, death of George Floyd. Warning: This stream may include images and audio some viewers may find upsetting or disturbing.
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Live: Closing Arguments In Derek Chauvin’s Trial | NBC News


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  1. where the space aliens at

  2. If Johnnie Cochran were still alive, he'd got this guy off!

  3. One thing Floyd never said, “ Is that your rock or my rock “ 🤣 Crackhead

  4. Reminds me of OJ Simpson trial

  5. Guiltyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Guiltyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

  6. My trust in humanity ánd US has been restored.. a bit.

    But….George, in death you have won.

    This was personal to Chauvin; he thought he was untoucheable…. Hopefully sentence will be at least 4O years…this man was dangerous and his drug??? AsSumed power. LOSER

  7. Love how they convicted an innocent man today lol. The closing speech for the prosecutor was filled with more crap than the you can even imagine. Very very sad that he was convicted out of fear of riots. Hope you are all VERY proud of yourselves lmfao.

  8. Why haven't we heard that famous adage "He was a good boy, gettin' ready to go to college and sheeeet" Asking for a friend….

  9. Trash humans… The lefts mascot who they buried in a gold casket was a crackhead criminal who held a gun to a woman in front of her children for a robbery of less than $500. Never forget that. That’s your hero.

  10. From London Brixton.uk. I am a trainee black lawyer. I have been watching this case. This has to be the president for all thug police who commit murder.
    For those police who look on, as bystanders. They too, need to be held to account.
    They should be indicted for aiding & abetting.
    Only last week, the UK watched in horror,
    as another black man & a child were executed by the police.
    Every life loss is murder. This is a bittersweet verdict.

  11. shame the black guys dont remember oj simpson then, when he got off scot
    free for murdering a white woman….oh how the BAME community forget
    things eh?

  12. Injustice served to mob rule and jury intimidating.

  13. Guilty 3 more to go simple as that!!!

  14. An innocent man found guilty?! Massive corruption & coercion!

  15. Why would you kneel on someone’s neck who’s already handcuffed

  16. His knee was on his neck for 9 minutes!!! Are you kidding me

  17. Maybe we should have Chauvin do a "Prison to POLICE DEPARTMENTS" Speech Tour.. So he can get the word out, "right before he goes away for 40 years"! He should start with, "It's OK if Sport athletes Take a Knee" but Not police officers, especially on people necks! And finish his speech by saying : "If you're racist, Get Out of the Police force"!! And conclude his speech with
    "If Not, I'll see you INSIDE the Big House"!!!! I'll be waiting for you guys !!!

  18. Theyre so many racist people in USA were watching your country with such hate. Why are you so evil? Smdh

  19. Why does floyed look like a crack head lebron James lol

  20. Nelson really started with the Chewbacca defense.

  21. Ashamed they gave in so riots wouldn’t happen

  22. Give the cop a medal….you all know full well he did the world a favor.

  23. Biden contacting the family before the case ended must be classed as interfering with the case.

  24. I love Minneapolis!!! GUILTY!! All 3 counts!!

  25. He’ll get a retrial due to conviction without substantial evidence. They already said he most likely rates an appeal due to the high-profile nature of his case. They’re waiting for the media hype to die down.

  26. I think police reform could have taken place without ruining this mans life too. Classic political scapegoat!

  27. Maybe we should look at all cases that involves other than black people cause let's face it when they cry about anything they get there way welcome to black america lol

  28. At least there s no ZULU DANCING like they did for O.J. trial

  29. The life he lived killed him. Ik what he did was bad but this is only a small minority. And there is a litterally psychological effect called the bystanders effect. Also idk why there are still gonna be protests if blm won the case ive litterally been told to stay home cuz there will be more looting and robbing im not racist I'm spitting facts change my mind

  30. How many white cops get killed every year by drug addicts . Lets hope the senile POTUS highlights this .

  31. Congratulations! Now privatize law enforcement!

  32. There was a white guy killed by police the exact same way in USA- no media, no protests, no 45 million compensation for his family.

  33. Apparently there is no justice system anymore since they don't care about facts…

  34. So Sad. George Floyd didnt deserve this. I sat up until Late to watch the Verdict. I am with Mr Floyd's Family, Friends, Love from Traceyanne South Africa.. This Gentleman did not deserve this. And I wish I was there to help Mr Floyd. I dont know American law but how long will the accused serve in Prison?

  35. What a surprise. They want treating fairly. They might if they ever contribute something rather than violence, theft, looting. They will never change, so why should people's opinions

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