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Coal miner concerned Biden putting jobs in jeopardy

West Virginia mine owner Ralph Ballard tells FOX Business’ Grady Trimble he is ‘very skeptical’ about President Biden’s plan and what it means for the future of his employees and their families. #FoxBusiness

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  1. They want to ban mining coal but mining cobalt in for their batteries for electric cars is ok

  2. Biden is dumber than dirt .
    Stripping away everything but nothing to replace it

  3. “African Americans have been put into or forced to live in areas that are polluted. So environmental racism has a lot to do with where we live and where these factories and these industries are located”, said a resident in Detroit, US. This isn't about one firm or one place , there's toxic air lead poisoning and water shutoffs across America for the last 6 decades.
    It's not only the air and water pollution …
    the US has no high-speed trains
    most vehicles are powered by petrol
    it's also the bad food quality in the US
    hormones in beef and pork
    genetically modified crops, fruits and vegetables
    chlorinated chicken
    overprocessed convenience food full of chemicals

  4. Why do our Western countries send our rubbish around the World for the last decades? The US, UK, EU, Canada and Australia are the largest exporters of plastic and contaminated waste.
    A growing number of countries across South East Asia, such as Indonesia and the Philippines, have returned unwanted waste over the last couple of years.

  5. Dictatorship killing the economy people stand up for your jobs and Right

  6. Something is wrong with this administration

  7. Green energy…the rest of the world isn't interested. I worke as a coal miner and we sell to India,China,south east Asia. Coal will never die. Other countries don't give too shots about clean energy it's too expensive and in reliable sources. Look at California with power outages daily

  8. Stop whining and go to school and learn a new trade. You're nothing special. People lose their jobs all the time.

  9. I'm skeptical of anyone who chooses a career in an obsolete industry.

  10. Nobody owes you a job. Isn't that what Repubs are always saying?

  11. United Mine Workers fell for Biden's lies to get their votes.

  12. Solar & coal it's good to have a backup plan

  13. Now – he/some are concerned???

    How about Blatant FRAUD that took place November through January!

  14. BIDEN CHEATED and the world knows it. We the people are not going to take this BS for long

  15. Today is Earth 🌎 Day

    Save the Planet 🌍

  16. I am concerned Joe will croak and Comma La will be in charge. Read one of those dystopian novels, that would be Comma La’s America.

  17. Yeah, coal mining jobs. It's all about green energy now, find a new job.

  18. It will serve the miners right, for supporting a administration THATS going to do away with their job, SMDH

  19. More coal jobs were lost under Trump than Obama. Trump-administration recorded fact. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
    U.S. coal jobs were down 24% in the first quarter of 2017 alone!

  20. Union leaders, like Trumka, were bought off. They definitely aren’t protecting their members.

  21. Why on earth did coal miners expect Biden to care about coal or coal miners? Did they just like snuggling with snakes?

  22. He employ 40 people wow that's a lot of jobs these clowns are pathetic

  23. My union support joe local 11 – now all the illegal immigrants putting black and white out of work

  24. hybridized localized direct support alternative energy is needed to REDUCE not remove fossil fuels . . . all while those fossil industries improve their records on acquisition, process and product.

  25. Turned the comments off LeBron vid 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    U scared go to church

  26. Just tell him to learn to code or get a new ‘green’ job (and yes, I’m kidding).

  27. Coals a dieing industry been that way for years since the world been switching to alternative sources and honestly more coal mining jobs where lost under trump then Biden so far but at least he's looking to the future and get a jump on the world for alternative energy sources that way we can sell to them instead of playing at home up as usual

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